In day to day life, the pattern of routine remains the same for most of the people. While some days are super pleasant and happy, others are sad and depressing. Sometimes one feels superhuman, other times one just feels like something is missing from the life. Most of the people suffer because of such times and try to rationalize them through one reason or the other. In present times, many people are opting for antidepressants. However, medication is a temporary solution. One need to find something that helps them get over depressing thoughts without any external medication because medication just treats the symptoms and not causes of depression. There are many ways one can treat depression to avoid those moments altogether.

Things to Do for Instant Stress Relief

First, one needs to remain happy. While this might sound tough for some, others consider it quite an easy thing to do. One needs to concentrate on the positive thoughts in depressing times. This holds true when negative ones are dominating the mind. When doing this, the serotonin levels increase and one will not feel the need for antidepressants. Secondly, get outside often. Exposure to light help increase the levels of serotonin. Alternatively, one can opt for halogen lights in the workplace. The third thing to do is to exercise. This is because exercise is quite beneficial as opposed to antidepressants in many ways. Further, adjusting the diet is a help too. Foods that one opts for play a crucial role in determining the mood and levels of irritability.

Benefits of Exercise as Stress Reliever

Exercise helps a person get over depression and bouts of anxiety. It helps a person ease depression in many ways. Even a simple walk in outdoors is beneficial to uplift the mood. Others that one can try are biking, gardening, golf, low-impact aerobics, jogging, playing tennis, walking, yoga, and swimming. One can try housework like sweeping, vacuuming or cleaning or even doing the yard work. Exercise helps release feel-good chemicals in the brain that ease depression. It even reduces the chemicals in the immune system that worsen the depression. Exercise increases the temperature of the body, resulting in calming effects. Further, it helps increase self confidence and take the mind off worries. People should have more social interaction with regular exercise. It helps cope with anxiety in a healthy manner.

Advantages of the Right Diet on Anxiety

The most effective mode of increasing serotonin levels in the brain and improving the mood is a good diet. Some types of protein help improve the mood of human in a couple hours of consumption. Many people feel better when they consume upgraded whey. Even omega 3 helps improve the mood to a certain extent. On the contrary, large amount of trans fat decreases the mental performance and even hurts the mood. When one eats such fats, they get assimilated to the brain and other tissues. They ultimately replace the fats present and make one irritable and less intelligent.


In the end, one needs to try to stay happy and cool in many situations that one comes across on a daily basis. One needs to surround himself with happy people and try not to over think the problems. Everything is in the mind and when one does not mind, there are many things that do not matter at all.