At the beginning of the first industrial revolution, humans are afraid of a few dangerous technologies of the future. They were scared of cars, trains, and electricity in the beginning. Now these innovations are used by more than two generations and the net outcome was usually good. It will be true that future technologies help to shape our world. Are you curious to know what is the next big technology? Continue reading to get an idea about the dangerous technologies of the future. 

Future technologies to change our world

Technologies move fastly in the modern world and innovations change the future forever. The 10 harmful technologies of the future include AI image generation, brain-reading robots, natural language processing, artificial neurons on silicon chips, etc. Let’s check out the detailed view of 5 amazing inventions of the future.  

Artificial intelligence(AI) singularity 

In several aspects, artificial intelligence is effective for human-level thinking. About 80 to 90% of recent jobs in the world will be expanded by AI in the upcoming future. AI algorithms that are already in use provide a huge impact on jobs and can outperform people on several levels.  Moreover, people can use AI for good at making art and they can enjoy it more.  

Merging of humans and machines

Nowadays, you can see the merging of machines and humans in several ways. For example, it is easy to replace a limb when someone loses it through an accident. Also, contact lenses provide a better night view for adequate people’s vision. Exoskeletons are already created by the military to give superpowers to soldiers. Moreover, few companies plan to design brain-computer interfaces to read individuals’ minds. 

Autonomous smart robots 

In the upcoming job settings, smart robots replace humans and make their direction as per the actions or information in nearby environments. You can see robots that pick grocery orders, serve food, work in factories, and do other household duties. All these led to lessening human work as much as possible. Similar to AI, few roles will be replaced by autonomous robots in the future. 

Brain-computer interfaces and immersive reality 

Most of them are aware of virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR) but are less familiar with immersive reality(IR) and brain-computer interfaces. IR handles the brain waves to create a better experience once injecting reality into a person’s mind. On other hand, you can change your personality, suppress your fears, control robots, and more through brain-computer interfaces. 


The tiny robots that enter the bloodstream of humans are known as nanobots. This new scary technology has several benefits such as taking samples, drug delivery, and collecting or transmitting data. However, the possibility of abuse is relatively high. Nanobots will be used to transfer human thought in the future. Weaponized nanobots can kill a group of people or a specific person and possibly rewrite their memories. Strong oversight and regulation easily prevent these issues.  

Apart from these, digital surveillance, quantum computing, 3D printing technology, killer drones, and more are other dangerous technologies of the future. These technologies are capable of overpowering humans in a wide manner.