Checking out your obsession levels for your pet

Being a die hard pet lover does not bring any harm. But when this passion turns out to be an obsession, then it affects the psychological state of the person. Pet lovers often have no control over their feelings when they keep their pets with them. People majorly prefer to consider dogs to be true and perfect pets. Our human nature is highly dominated by our feelings. As a result we tend to misunderstand different feelings like anxiety, love, liking, anger, etc. and start impacting them on our behavior. Similarly, pet lovers fail to differentiate between passion and obsession.

Hence, by checking out the following symptoms, one can know about his or her obsession levels.

  • Talking with your pets again and again: One of the major things which pet lovers often do is communicate with them on one on one basis. Humans assume their pets to understand everything and so also the pet does. Pets being best friends, take the place of a companion as well. Humans do regular communication with one’s pet. Thus, this is the foremost symptom of pet obsession.
  • Considering your pet to be a person: Pet lovers often assume their pets to be similar to human beings. Since they are always around with you, they start taking the place of humans. Also, regular communication helps them in understanding the human behavior.
  • Inventing infinite nicknames for one’s pet: Women especially caress their pets like new born human babies. As a result they keep on creating new nicknames regularly. This sometimes gives a strange reaction from the on lookers. This is a very common obsession find in every extreme pet lover.
  • Finding one’s pet to be cutest of all: Pet lovers consider their pet to be cutest among every another pet. They keep on saying their pet cute and showing off their love. This comes automatically from the pet lovers simply out of love.
  • Giving attention to every gesture and reaction of your pet: People justify and give reasons and explanations to every movement made by one’s dog or pet. They try to gain attention from other people as well to give importance to one’s pet. As humans watch every moment of their baby, so also the pet lovers do for their pet.
  • They are family to you: Pet lovers always regard their pet as their family member. They wish them “Good morning” “Good night” etc. and also make them dine besides while the family is eating together. They make their pets feel about sensitive thing as well.
  • Trying to not disturb your dog when it is sleeping: Humans often take note of not disturbing others while they are sleeping, and so also pet lovers try to do the same for their pet. They keep staring their dogs while it is off to sleep. They adore its cuteness as well. This is an obvious symptom found in various pet lovers.
  • Giving maximum time to your pet: Pet lovers often avoid socials, parties; get together, etc. for not letting their pet stay away. They try to make the most of their time in the presence of their pet.