Love can make impossible things possible. If you don’t believe this, better check out what researchers have to say. It was found that when a person is in love, his or her body reacts in different ways. If you are in love, you might be aware of the things that happen to your body when you are in love.

Some Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body When You are in Love are

1. Brain Springs into Action

A study has actually found that when one falls in love, 12 regions in his brain get activated. That means, the moment you are in love, your brain’s antenna is all up and you are ready to swoon. No wonder, they say, love at first sight.

2. Heart Rate Slows Down

Your heart must have pounded when you fell in love but studies indicate that when you are in love, your heart rate decreases and so does your blood pressure. It is said that even hormone levels are affected.

3. Sleepless Nights

Now, this is a common symptom of being in love, made famous by movies, love songs and so on. Actually, people who are in love are indeed unable to sleep well. This was part of a study published some time ago in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

4. Love Acts as a Painkiller

It might be true, for some researchers have found that being in love activates neural receptors in the brain which can lessen pain. In fact, this is how even some painkillers work. Isn’t that amazing? You can check out the Stanford University’s School of Medicine study.

5. Memory Lapses

If you are showing signs of absent-mindedness, then do not worry for you might be in love. Studies have shown that when a person is in love, her brain releases a hormone called oxytocin which can cause memory lapses. No wonder, this hormone is lovingly referred to as love hormone.

6. Love induces jealousy

Though being jealous or over can be termed as injurious to a relationship, a study conducted by Florida State University has termed such behavior as nothing but side effects of love.  So, relax, go ahead and be proudly jealous.

7. Taste buds get activated

A study found by the American Psychological Association has revealed that people who are in love find anything that they taste as sweet. Maybe, love can make even taste buds fall in love!

8. Mind Wanders About

If you are in love and are unable to concentrate, do not fret. Love can make the mind a little unstable, such that it becomes difficult to concentrate. This is not an assumption, a study by the journal Motivation and Emotion revealed this quirky fact.

9. Voice can Give Away

A study conducted by the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that women while speaking to someone who has made her heart skip a beat, may speak in a higher pitch than usual. So, girls, when your knees go weak at the sight of that someone special, check the pitch of your voice.

10. Love Makes Bones Strong

This isn’t a joke but something that was put forward by a team of researchers. They found that couples who were happily married had better bone health than unhappy couples.  That means if you feel you are having bone problems, love and indulge your spouse more!