How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings

Break ups are tough, especially if you are one that’s calling it off. You want to break the relationship, yet you don’t want it to end bitterly.

Here are a few tips to help you break it smoothly to him:

  1. Do it in person-Have the decency to break the news to him in person. How would you feel if you found out that your boyfriend has posted a status on Facebook stating that he is single again?Do not use text messages, e-mails or even answering machines to pass on the message to him. He deserves to know it in person, unless he has committed a grave crime.
  2. Reason-Everyone deserves to know why their partner is breaking up with them. Do not fabricate stories. Just tell him the truth and give him time to absorb this bit of information.
  3.  Blame game-Do not play the blame game. In fact if you are actually feeling guilty about breaking up with him, put the blame on yourself. There can be no better answer than that.
  4.  Mind your language-Refrain from using hurtful words. Have some dignity and break up with him not having bad thoughts about you.
  5. Do not bring in a third person-Breakups are personal. Do not bring in a third person and complicate things. End it gently between yourselves. Breakups are embarrassing as it is.
  6. Do not wash dirty linen in public-No matter how bad he has been to you, do not bring up the past and do not seek revenge.
  7. Talking about the past is only going to put you in the spotlight and is going to make both you and him look bad.
  8. Break up in private-Do not breakup in a place for all to see. It is not a spectacle for others to witness.
  9. Respect his views-If he is hurt and wants to deal with his feelings alone, let him. Do not stop him if he walks out. And if he wants to talk and express his feelings or pent up emotions, allow him, also keeping in focus what you came to do.Don’t get swayed. But if you really think it was a mistake on your part, there is no harm in changing your mind.Be polite and firm, not forgetting to mention the actual reason of your breakup with him.

At the end of the day, no matter how much this topic is discussed, the actual act of breaking up with someone is real tough. So if you really want to get someone out of your life, go ahead and make the first move without feeling guilty about it.