New smoking Waring for women

Smoking is one of the dangerous and deadliest habits of all time. It is a slow killer. It burns and ashes up the body from deep within. Where only men used to smoke cigarette, women are also engaged and are consistently increasing towards smoking up. Men blame the reason of stress and hectic lifestyle for smoking cigarette. But women are also nowhere less. They too are engaged in actively smoking with men. Smoking triples up the time of damaging the body of female from deep within than from the men’s one. The body of a woman is more towards getting damaged quicker than a man. The typical saying “Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health” is pretty well known amongst one and all. But very few know about how cigarette can cause a great amount of damage in the body of a woman.

New Smoking Warning for Women

The recent studies have discovered smoking to be the root cause of creating bowel cancer amongst women. The rate of bowel cancer is higher in females than in males. Smoking adversely creates carcinogenic effects in a woman that leads to bowel cancel. Apart from poor reproduction system and liver problems, women have been seen suffering with bowel cancer adversely. A recent analysis on 600000 adults in Norway revealed that Norwegian women are highly affected with bowel cancer amongst all the other smoking women worldwide. Men are found to have eight percent of chance of causing cancer.

Apart from bowel cancer, women smokers are also suffering from severe cardiac arrest. A pattern of research from the year 1976 has revealed that the death amongst women smokers is considerably rising to higher levels. Dr. Roopinder K Sandhu a cardiac electrophysiologist at the University of Alberta’s Mazankowski Heart Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada said, “Cigarette smoking is a known risk factor for sudden cardiac death, but until now, we didn’t know how the quantity and duration of smoking affected the risk among apparently healthy women.”

Women smokers who have been smoking from pretty long time have been experiencing a poor and low reproduction system in their bodies.  Women smokers not only find it difficult to conceive but also suffer great problems during delivery and post delivery. It is very important for a woman to understand the adverse effects of smoking on her body as well as on her future. Recent studies on smoking are consistently revealing great analysis about the hazards caused to women smokers.