Mistakes that you are Making After Coloring your Hair

We all spend hundreds of dollars in coloring our hair. And to have it fade away is nothing less than a shame. Here are some mistakes that you are making after a color treatment of your tresses.

1)    Shampooing a day after your color job

You hair has to trap the color properly after a hair color treatment. For that to happen it takes at least 72 hours. So leave you hair alone for a few days. Do not attempt to shampoo it so soon after such an expensive treatment.

2)    Shampooing too frequently

Do not wet your hair too often. Water ensures that your hair color will fade. Limit the use of shampoo and even the times you take showers. Do not stop taking a shower altogether as it might result in you losing out on a lot of friends.

3)    Over use of heated hair appliances

Heat is said to fade color. Apart from fading the color, the use of these appliances can damage your hair, as colored hair is more prone to damage by heat. Do not forget to use heat protecting products to prevent your hair from getting fried.

4)    Hot water rinse

Hot water makes it easier for the outer layer of the cuticle to peel off. So avoid washing your hair with hot water so that it prevents the outer layer that holds the color from fading.

5)    Not using products for colored hair

You might think that the products that we get in the market are just another way for cosmetic manufacturing companies to earn money. But trust me there are a few good products available in the market that can save your color and prevent it from bleeding. Do not forget to use a shampoo, conditioner and even a color protecting serum that will lock in the moisture in your hair along with the color.

6)    Towel drying

After a shower do not scrub your hair too hard. Rubbing the hair too hard only results in scrubbing off the color so try to avoid it at all costs and instead opt to blot the dampness off the hair.

7)    Over-exposure to the sun

Cover your hair at all times to protect from the damage caused by the sun. Sun can fade the color. Cover up using a cap or a stylish scarf.

Do not make these mistakes after an expensive salon color treatment unless you want your freshly colored tresses to fade.