Planning perfect party- deciding the menu

So, you want to throw a party? Certainly, you must be wishing to make it memorable. Planning is the most essential part here. When you are planning for a party, you need to consider many things like place, party theme, number of guests, and menu. Deciding the menu for the party is a tricky task. You can make your party memorable with the right party menu. Planning for food is very important to make your party successful.

The party menu should fit the party’s theme as well as guests’ tastes. Make sure the food is enough for all. Here we share some ideas that help you to decide what type of menu you can plan for your party.

Tips for Deciding Perfect Party Menu

  1. What type of party you are having is the key factor while deciding the party menu. If you have a birthday party, then food should be served according to the kids’ taste. A menu should include candies and ice creams also. For a wedding or bridal shower party, you can have a formal lunch with a delicious menu. Drinks should be selected according to party type.
  2. The most important thing you should take into consideration while deciding menu is the budget. If you have less time for preparation, then you can arrange a party with the supplies you have.
  3. If you have decided on any theme for your party, then plan the menu accordingly. Include the food items that most people like. Also, add special food items for kids. Food complimenting your theme will certainly add charm to your party.
  4. The timing of a party is also the main factor when deciding the menu. If it’s a lunch party, dinner party, or brunch, think wisely and plan the menu accordingly.
  5. You should make alternative arrangements for people who are on a diet, like sugar-free cakes, and salads.
  6. Consider the special religious requirements as well as food allergies of guests and prepare the menu accordingly. Include various salad dressings and also some bulky items like bread in the meal. Offer cold and hot foods. Try not to repeat dishes which are the same main ingredients.
  7. Keep variety in the drinks section. Cocktails and mocktails are the heart of any party.
  8. Make arrangements for snacks also. If the guest is too shy to try out some dishes, then they can have some snacks. Also, if some dishes run out, then you can serve these backup snacks. Nuts, biscuits, cookies, cheese, and crackers are some backup options.
  9. To make your party successful, provide lots of options, i.e. many dishes. When you provide more options to eat and if we assume that guests taste each dish, then individual portion size is small.
  10. Make sure all your dishes should be enough to serve all the people. If you are a master at making a particular dish and you know that your guests will like it, then make that dish a bit more.

Make sure to take advice from expert caterers, when you plan the menu for the party. Further, plan food to be fragrant and visually colorful. The great presentation of party food makes more people taste it. After all, food is the soul of the party. People will always remember the taste of good food and of course, you, who managed the party so well.