Very few women get a chance to fulfill that one wish on their bucket list – a solo trip! If you ask whether it is an impossible task to fulfill, the answer is definitely a no! However, women going on solo trips have to face lots of challenges and obstacles. Nevertheless, your gender shouldn’t stop your desire from turning into reality. So, before you gear up for your solo trip, ride through our blog to find the best solo female travel destinations.

Fears You Might Have about Travelling to a New Place

Solo female traveler-friendly getaways are all about finding places for liberation, realization, and contentment. We believe that happy residents can make your trip happier. So, choosing a country accordingly can make your tour a fun-filled and memorable one. Once you find the perfect destination to refresh your soul, then it’s time for you to fly and win the world!

We have sorted 5 countries based on their global peace index, food, safety laws for women, locals, transport facilities, and average expenditure per day. Take a look at our top solo female wanderlust destinations! Also, take a glance at our beauty accessories for travel

1. Iceland

Image: Skogafoss Waterfall – Southern Iceland

Skogafoss Waterfall - Southern Iceland

Iceland ranks number one in the Global Peace Index (GPI), which implies it’s the safest country to visit. Iceland ranks in this position because it has low crime rates. For instance, you can see mothers leaving their babies in their prams outside the houses, in open gardens or porches, and they carry on with their work. That’s how safe Iceland is! Thus, it is one of the best solo female-friendly getaways in the world. 

The Blue Lagoon, Thingvellir National Park, and Akureyri (a city) are some of the country’s ideal solo female adventurer spots. 

Capital: Reykjavík.

Currency equivalent: 1 Icelandic Króna (ISK) = 0.0072 USD

Season to visit: February to March and September to October


At 17,500 ISK a day- you can accommodate yourself in a decent hotel and taste pretty good Iceland cuisine.

At 25,000 ISK – you can do whatever you want!

2. Austria

Image: Hallstatt – A Town in Upper Austria


Among the European countries, Austria is one of the recommended solo woman travel spots. Austrians are the friendliest people you will ever meet. So, you can get friendly with the Austrians by greeting them with a “Hi.”

Your Austria trip won’t cost you a fortune because there are no hidden taxes; taxes are displayed with the prices. This will help you plan your trip precisely. What you see is what you pay! Austrians take Sundays very seriously and make the best use of them. So don’t plan for shopping on Sundays since most businesses are closed! 

You can indulge in the country’s mouth-watering pancakes. Other activities in Austria include visiting the ski slopes in the Alps mountains, which are considered solo female adventurer destinations, and experiencing Vienna’s nightlife.

Lastly, Austria has the best roads, so you can have an amazing road journey with a view of the stunning mountains, mesmerizing lakes, and peaceful countryside. Take a look at the 12 benefits of road trips for women.

Capital: Vienna

Currency equivalent: 1 Euro = 1.08 USD

Season to visit: September and November and April to May

3. Singapore

Image: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Singapore is another one of those solo female explorer dream locations. Since it’s a “shop till you drop” destination, it is a favourite location for women from all parts of the world. From the ultra high-end boutiques to the crowd-filled flea markets, you can shop for anything in this shopping paradise. Singapore has ample options to satiate your holiday desires. 

Apart from sightseeing, Singapore has the best gardens, water and adventure parks, night safari and bird parks for nature lovers. So, you will also get to enjoy the ultimate solo female travel experiences in this country.

Chinatown in Singapore is an ideal place for women going on solo trips. You can explore different cuisines and buy all the gifts you need from Chinatown. The architecture in the temples of Singapore portrays a diverse culture. Sentosa Island is yet another one of the preferred destinations for solo female explorers.

Capital: Singapore

Currency equivalent: 1 Singapore dollar = 0.75 USD

Season: Any time of the year!

Singapore is an expensive city, yet it’s a secure solo-woman travel pick!

4. Switzerland

Image: Town of Thun – Switzerland


Switzerland believes in ‘start early and end early’. Cafes open at 6 AM, schools start by 8 AM and the day ends by 7 PM. So, it’s highly difficult to find local stores past 7 PM. All types of transport are available in this country and it is easy to schedule your travel just through apps. Here are 7 language apps for traveling! 

Every town in Switzerland sits on a majestic lake filled with swans. You will find your trip to this country serene and refreshing. Switzerland surely has a place in the list of solo women’s travel dream destinations. 

Lastly, don’t miss out on the famous Swiss chocolates. Don’t buy them from supermarkets; opt for the local chocolatiers to taste the best chocolates in your life.

You have now seen the reasons why many consider Switzerland one of the ideal solo woman holiday escapes.

Capital: Bern

Currency equivalent: 1 Swiss franc = 1.14 USD

Season to visit: Mid-January to mid-March

5. Sweden

Image: Stockholm – Sweden



While many countries are trying to bring equality among their citizens, Sweden has already addressed it. Equality is practiced to such an extent that they don’t treat you based on your sex or identity, and everyone is accepted. If you wish to visit some top solo woman wanderlust picks, Sweden is definitely one of them!

Facts about Sweden that might surprise you:

  • In same-sex relationships, both parents are entitled to paid leave.
  • You will find many unisex toilets.
  • Women are entitled to up to 18 months’ paid maternity leave. Men are entitled to 90 days.
  • Women are entitled to 400+ days of leave until the child is 12.
  • Sweden is a suitable country for vegans.
  • The country is technologically advanced, so it is common to see “Cash Not Accepted” signboards. Therefore, carry your cards with you wherever you go.

One of the prime solo female traveler dream spots, Sweden is blessed with lots of fairy-tale landscapes. So, nature lovers have a great time in this country.

In Sweden, you shouldn’t expect a person to pick your bags up to your rooms because you can’t find people doing small jobs for less money. The Sweden government provides overwhelming benefits to the citizens, so making money out of small jobs doesn’t make sense.

Capital: Stockholm

Currency equivalent: 1Swedish Krona = 0.096 USD

Season to visit: May to September

Top-Rated Women’s Solo Travel Spots

We hope you enjoyed reading about our best solo female travel destinations. When you visit a country from our list, keep all the facts we have discussed in mind. Stay safe while you travel! And, do check out our ten travel tips to avoid pickpocketing. Bon voyage!!!