Traveling involves interaction with people in a new country, learning about their culture, and experiencing many cuisines. It can be a little tough for you if you don’t speak the local language. No need to worry, there are a lot of language learning apps for travelers. Are you looking for an excellent language app for your next travel? Let’s look at some top language apps for tourists. 

Best Language Learning Apps for Travelers 

Learning the local languages of the places you visit is the best way to show your cultural heritage. Here, we bring you a list of language translation apps for travelers. 

1. Duolingo 


More than 72.6 million monthly users are learning languages through Duolingo. You can learn different languages like English, Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and more. Users can create a profile, select the language and learn lessons through short modules. 


  • Free and accessible. 
  • Good for starters.
  • Use AI to personalize your learning path.
  • 43 languages are available.
  • The gamified approach makes learning more fun.

2. Pimsleur 


This app focuses on speaking and learning comprehension for viewers. You can take the lessons from anywhere at any time and the app tracks your progress easier. Also, you can learn 51 different languages with the Pimsleur. 


  • Learn grammar easier.
  • Easy to download full classes offline mode.
  • Focus on speaking skills in practical situations.
  • Get feedback on your pronunciation. 

3. Memrise 

This app uses games and flashcards to help you learn new grammar and vocabulary. Compared to other apps, they use videos of native speakers. It gives user-generated content and frequent assessments of different topics. 


  • Around 23 languages are available. 
  • Better learning through videos of actual people. 
  • Easily download complete courses for offline use. 
  • Better learning through games. 

4. Drops 

This app helps users learn new vocabulary, common phrases, and alphabets. It is best for intermediate learners who want to improve their vocabulary. 


  • Easily choose the topics you want to learn. 
  • 45 languages are available. 
  • Free to use. 
  • A lot of learning sections and categories are accessible to users. 
  • Provide the most relevant keywords and phrases valid for your travel. 

5. Google Translate 


One of the must-have language apps for traveling abroad to connect with people and places. You can save the words and phrases needed in everyday life. Google Translate allows you to record and translate from one language to another anytime. 


  • Translate the language with your camera. 
  • Download a language to translate offline. 
  • Have a conversation with a person who speaks a different language. 

6. Babbel 

You can learn around 14 different languages through Babbel. This app teaches you vocabulary and common phrases through various exercises like fill-in-the-blank, matching pair, and voice recognition. 


  • More comprehensive learning with grammar. 
  • Short sessions for busy learners. 
  • Easy pronunciation and speaking practice for learning. 
  • Quickly download all lessons offline. 

7. Busuu

Busuu is one of the best language learning apps for travelers to access excellent grammar lessons and context insight. One of their biggest strength is a social community, where you get feedback from others. 


  • Writing and speaking practice with native speakers. 
  • Get interaction lessons containing games, quizzes, and listening exercises. 
  • Detailed grammar explanation helps you learn the language at a deeper level. 

Besides, Lingvist, Rosetta Stone, FluentU, TripLingo, and Mondly are essential language apps for travelers. Enjoy your travel without any language barriers using the above apps.