5 Unusual Uses Of Shaving Cream

Don’t hold the misconception that shaving cream can be used only to shave your hair off. It can be used for various other purposes that you couldn’t even have imagined.

1. Clean your hands

  Are you out on a road trip with no water to spare? Then shaving cream can be your savior. Simply spray some onto dirty hands and wipe clean.

2. Prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging 

The fogging of mirrors is really annoying, especially for all those men who love to shave immediately after a shower. To prevent your mirror from fogging while you’re in the shower, wipe the mirror with shaving cream just before your hit the shower.

3. Removes stains from carpets

Spills on carpets are inevitable, especially if you have kids. Simply spray shaving cream on the affected areas and wipe clean with a damp sponge. Repeat the process till the stain comes off completely.

4. Squeaky hinges

If you have been suffering from the sounds of creaking hinges of doors and windows, now you have the perfect solution to this problem. Simply spray onto the hinges and allow it to act for a few minutes. Wipe off after an hour or two.

5Clean electrical appliances

You can use this cream to clean your electrical appliances from ovens to blenders. Simply spray on the shaving cream to the affected areas and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Now that you have a list of things you can do with your shaving cream apart from shaving your face, you can put it to better use.