6 Top uses of vinegar in household cleaning

Vinegar is most natural cleanser used in household cleaning. The best part is that it’s non-toxic. Apart from its uses in cooking, vinegar helps in removing stains and odours from your house.

Here are some ways to incorporate vinegar in your cleaning:

Bad odours

  • Vinegar is an excellent remedy to kill a bad smell or stink. For example, if you have a stinky drain, just pour a cup of white vinegar down the sink to rid it of the odour.
  • Vinegar if placed in an open cup overnight in a room that has a bad smell, can result in the smell disappearing.

Stains on Fabric

  • Vinegar is a time and trusted method to remove stains from clothes. It can either be diluted with water or even directly applies to the stain, depending on the extent of the damage to the fabric.

Toilet stains

  • Spraying vinegar onto toilet stains, followed by brushing will help get rid of the stains.

Glass  and Floor Cleaner

  • Wiping your glass windows and doors or other glass items and your floors with a mixture of water and vinegar will cause them to shimmer and shine.

Soap Residue

  • You can easily wipe away soap and mineral residues in your washing machine, kitchen sink and shower cubicles by spraying on vinegar.


  • Microwave cleaning will never be the same again. Simply heat a bowl containing equal quantities of water and vinegar for four minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe off the mess. The vinegar steam caused helps in melting the grime.

Kitchen tools

  • Vinegar is ideal to clean all those appliances in the kitchen that include cutting boards, utensils etc…

So go ahead and try this inexpensive method to clean your home.

Written by :Rasha Ashraf