3 Ways to make your face slimmer using makeup

Makeup is a tool that can be used to change the way you look. It can hide those spots, sharpen your face, make you look spotless etc…

Here is how we can make your face look slimmer by using makeup:

1. Highlight the cheeks

With a powder blush a shade darker than your skin draw a line along your cheekbone, from the ear to the line of the mouth. Then just apply you favorite shade of blush along the same line. Just above the blush apply the highlighter. This technique will give the impression that the darker area is a shadow and the highlighter makes the cheeks pop out making your face look slim.

2. Elongate and slim the nose

You need to draw lines on either sides of your nose using a shade darker than your skin tone. Blend well. Then using a powder few shades lighter than your skin tone, apply a line between the brows moving downwards till the tip of your nose. Blend into your skin. The lighter shade on the highlights the main part of your nose, whereas the darker shade on the sides gives the effect of your nose appearing thinner.

3. Sharpen the jaw line

Blend a darker shade of powder than your skin along your jaw line. This shadowed look at your jaw is going to make your jaw appear sharper and make your face appear thinner than it actually is.

So makeup can make you look different from what you actually are. Use these tricks to highlight or hide any feature you like. Remember that practice makes perfect. So try it out a couple of times before you actually use it when you go out for a date or other occasion.