What’s typically not included on a cruise?

If you are a fan of cruises, you are wondering when to go for the next one. Cruise lines are planning to come back with a lot of summer dates and other programs for passengers. Cruising looks quite different now due to the changes in the world. Here is the few things no longer available on cruises once you set for the sea rides again. 

Things no longer available on cruises

The demand for cruises is increasing these days when people look for family-friendly or couple options. Before setting sail, you must know about a few cruising changes. Here are the things no longer available on cruises anymore. 

Remove the usage of plastic straw

Earlier, an average cruiser used more than five straws per day. Nowadays, most straws you see on cruises are not plastic. In 2018, the Norwegian coastal cruise line became the first plastic-free cruise company in the world. Afterward, Royal Caribbean and other shipping companies eliminated plastic straw usage. 

Socializing with the crew

You must change your socialization habits once you enter a cruise. After the pandemic, you were unable to see mingling between staff and crew of the ship. Most individuals avoid interaction with others on cruises nowadays. 

Take pictures with the drone

In most cruise ships, drones are now off-limits for the safety of the crew, passengers, captain, and the ship itself. Drones are restricted in most ports such as PortMiami, and Florida’s Port Canaveral. A fine above $5000 charged to you if you’re caught flying a drone in the above places. It is necessary to check with the cruise line first before flying your drones above ships. 

Smoking on the ship 

Are you a daily smoker? Then it’s time to choose other travel options. Today’s cruise ships don’t appreciate your habits if you are a serial smoker. Most ships don’t allow smoking these days and only a few ships provide specific areas for passengers.

Traditional cruise activities

A lot of activities are prepared on the cruises for passengers. However, a few of these activities are not happening anymore. One of the discontinued cruise ship features is traditional activities.  Due to increasing awareness of the environment, activities such as throwing objects or streamers overboard, and popping party poppers once the ship sets sail. All these actions are removed from the cruises. 

Passengers should be vaccinated against COVID

Vaccination is not mandatory in most cruise lines, still there are few exceptions. Passenger vaccination is strictly followed in some cruise lines. Additionally, pre-board testing for unvaccinated people is required on some cruises. 

Go maskless

A lot of cruises recommended guests and crew wear a mask onboard. They need to wear masks in all public settings despite physical distancing measures. However, a few exceptions are in dining venues, sports activities, and fitness centers. 

Enter your cabin right away 

The boarding process will likely be a little more unique than cruisers remember. All passengers will not be boarding or leaving the cruise at the same time. It is not easy to go to your room directly once you enter a ship. Passengers need to wait for the room to get ready on the cruise. 

Apart from these, shore excursions, using public bathrooms, shaking hands, and more are other cruise ship exclusions. You must be aware of all these things before entering cruises.