10 Perfume tricks every woman must know

Perfume is something that we use to smell great. Women sometimes even use it to seduce their men. Perfume has been used for centuries to keep people’s bodies and fabric smelling nice.

Here are some tricks that no women should go be without knowing:

1. Keep fragrances long lasting

All of us want the fragrance to last longer.  Apply perfume on spots where unscented lotion or Vaseline has already been applied to the skin. The application of unscented lotion or Vaseline helps lock in the scent in the skin and keeps it smelling longer.

2. Storage

Do not store perfumes in wet and damp places like the bathroom. Keep them in a dry place. Damp or wet places break down the fragrance and make the perfume less fragrant.

3. Ideal time to spray

Perfume lasts longer when there is lot of moisture in your skin. The moisture helps lock it in. So ideally the best time to spray on perfume is immediately after you step out of the shower.

4. Rubbing

All of us have the habit to rub the perfume on our wrists after spraying it on. But do not rub it off. Rubbing will only make the fragrance disappear.

5. Testing

When you are testing a fragrance in the market, allow the fragrance to dry on the skin before you smell and decide on what you want to buy.

6. Fragrance in hair and clothing

Never spray perfume directly to your hair. It contains alcohol that can dry your hair. Instead spray the perfume onto your hair brush and brush as normal.

For clothing, line your cupboards with butter paper and spray these sheets with your favorite perfume. Place clothes as normal. When you pull out your clothes next time, you’ll find them smelling wonderful.

7. Wipe off a fragrance

If you don’t like a fragrance and you’ve applied it to your skin, then wipe off using makeup wipes.

8. Sleep better

If you have a perfume and feel its scent will help you sleep better then spray some onto your pillow and sleep like a baby.

9. Carrying perfume

It can be a pain to carry bottles of perfume when you’re on the move. Instead spray some ear buds with perfume and carry with you in sandwich bags to touch up your perfume.

10. Create your own scent

Layer several fragrances and create your own signature scent. Experiment with the fragrances you love. Always remember to spray on the stronger ones first as it can overpower the lighter ones.

Learn all that there is to use about perfumes so that you can get the most out of your favorite fragrances.