Hackers can use your phone number and cause a lot of problems. The phone number has become very important because most of the sensitive information like financial accounts and personal data are integrated along with it.  Nowadays, people use phone number for all important communication which makes them more and more dependent on phone number. 

When a mobile number falls in the wrong hands, it would lead to unwanted complications and misuse like cybercrimes. The major issues people face are identity theft and financial fraud. Let us see to what extent it is dangerous to share the phone number with the wrong people. 

Some of the major ways a hacker can track down your telephone number, 

Social media

The Dark Web


Stolen mails 

Shoulder surfing 

Can someone hack my cell phone with just my number?

Hackers can cause severe damage to you by having your phone number. They can get access to your valuable and sensitive information on smartphones such as, 

Contact lists


Financial details (Bank accounts)

Social media passwords


IP addresses of phone and computer

Professional licenses and ID


Dangers giving out your mobile number

  • Redirecting the texts and calls

Scammers find multiple ways to reroute the messages to their numbers. They get to access your phone calls and messages by confirming their identity to be yours with the personal information stolen. They easily cross the security checks and intercept your communications. 

  • Stealing passwords

The hackers manage to gather your passwords for social media and online accounts by resetting passwords. 

  • SIM Jacking 

The fraudster steals the porting information that protects important data. They can swap the SIM by calling the phone carrier company and requesting to port out your phone number. Thereby they can access your number under a new SIM card.

  • Scamming text

The irrelevant texts pop up with links asking to share sensitive information. By clicking the links you may encounter an unknown person accessing your personal data. Sometimes, when you click the link, it may redirect to downloading spyware into the device. 

  • Social engineering attacks

The person can use your phone number to start phishing scams or vishing (voice phishing) scams, launching social engineering attacks. They will make you trust them and reveal private information which is important.

  • Taking over accounts

Having the most sensitive information, the person holds control over your online accounts. The hackers manage to reset the passwords and authentication using your phone number. This is one of the major dangers giving out your mobile number.

What To Do if Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Wondering what to do if a scammer has your phone number? These are some of the things to be taken care of when you get to know your phone number has been hacked.

Inform the phone service provider 

Spread the word to friends and family 

Block debit and debit access temporarily

Check bank statements regularly 

Secure social media accounts by changing security questions

File a complaint 


In the bottom line, hackers can do enormous damage with a phone number that seems to be harmless. It is very important for us to take care of where and to whom you are sharing your phone number. You can also strengthen the security process or the authentication process in order to make sure you are even safer and more secure. Take immediate action if your number is hacked.