The Perfume Scent That Makes You Appear Even More Attractive

Not alone just the face makes a women feel prettier. A lot of sidelines that act as the integral part of beauty are being unleashed as an attraction trait. The face of women attracting more and more eyes towards her is only in the presence of the extravagant odor that is worth a pleasant feel. This fact was demonstrated in PLOS One’s small online study.

The Philadelphia Monell Chemical Senses Center researchers had conducted an experiment. It had overall 18 participants that were made to take a look at the images of total 55 women in 35 to 50 age range. While the participants took a look at the images, they were unveiled to one of the five odors by the researchers. The odors ranged right from the most unpleasant fish oil to the most pleasant rose oil while the remaining three scents formed the combination of the two. After the session the participants were asked to rate the faces present in front of them on the parameter of attractiveness. The researches came across the fact that the face with most pleasant odor got the highest rating for attractiveness.

Personal care brands like Axe and Dove owned by Unilever funded a study partially. The study revealed that not only the rose oil but also any type of pleasant fragrance is applicable to the addition in attractiveness parameter. Monell’s post doctor fellow, Janina Seubert who is a PhD cognitive neuroscientist, when the research was conducted said that the study demonstrated that the pleasantness of the odor and the attractiveness of the face integrate into single combined evaluation of emotions. This meant that there occurred a possibility where the similar part of the brain processes these two attributes.

When cognitive task of predicting woman’s age is approached, blemishes and wrinkles were the visual cues that associated with the perception of older age. But, the summation of both the pleasant and the unpleasant odor revealed a mixed effect.

Visual cues pertaining to age powerfully influenced the perception of the odor in the stimulation duration of pleasant odor making younger faces appear even younger and older faces appear even older. Mitigated was this effect when unpleasant odors were present. Due to this, both the older and the younger faces were assumed to have fallen in almost a similar age group.

Astonishingly, even when the flaws like wrinkles and blemishes were added to the pictures, pleasant odor continued to be in the highest rating for attractiveness. This clearly indicated that women no longer should be concerned about the imperfections of physical parameters if they choose the appropriate fragrance in the perfume. Seubert claimed that broader the context of emotions, bigger is the role of attraction perceived by the person.