-  Dancing- does it help to lower stress?

Due to the hectic schedule and the commitment to provide everything for our family we continuously work. This struggle of living a rich and luxurious life decrease our sleep time and thus increases stress. There is a standard of living and an expectation in our lives which we try to meet up, but never realize that we end up with a lot of tension and stress. There are many things that can reduce stress. Every individual has their own ways to reduce stress. Some like to read books, some make movie plans, some spend time with friends and some plan vacation with family.

A few simple things can lower your stress levels and make you feel rejuvenated. One of them is dancing. Dancing can be a physical exercise and helps make you feel relaxed.  Dance therapies are the most natural ways to relieve stress and have been used for ages in all cultures. Traditional dances used to be organized in the social occasions in every part of the world. Music and Dance has been an important part of every religion and culture and is used in religious and social events.

Dancing to different kinds of music can create variations. Starting from slow to increasing the tempo is easy to follow and fun. While dancing, everyone uses his/her hands and shoulders, which release all the tension in the body.

  1. Pick your style of dancing. Find out if you enjoy dancing with a slow number or fast peppy songs. Figure out the steps that you need to dance.
  2. Now select some good songs from your favorite movies. The steps which you have decided should match with that song. Or you can decide the song and then select dance steps. Let your body flow freely with the music. This will make your mood relieving  your stress.
  3. Pick songs that are not too fast or too slow. This will allow you to enjoy your dance moves. Slowly when you pick those dance steps, you can increase the tempo.
  4. Wear attire that is comfortable to move, bend and stretch. Free clothing can clear all the obstacles when you are dancing.
  5. While you are dancing, forget all your worries and things that can cause stress. Calm yourself and clean your thoughts and enjoy dancing.
  6. Use your entire body to release the stress. Use your arms, legs, shoulders and groove to the music. Bending and stretching can make you release your tensions and stress.  Take deep breaths, leave everything behind and balance yourself to the tunes.
  7. Dancing on fast beats can be a good workout while you love the music. Try to keep up with the rhythm. Dance around, bend around as you will be relieving yourself in this way. Spinning, bending, kicking, using your hands are common gestures that you will be doing while dancing.
  8. Dance like it is the last day of your life and let everything out of you the anger, the worries and the stress. Slowly you will realize that you are feeling energized and you will focus more on the music and dancing.

No matter whether you are a good dancer or not, free movements with music will surely help you say goodbye to stress. So, get ready to tap your feet now.