Just dance and be happy

Most of the people love dancing. Dancing is a passion for many of us. Dance is a beautiful thing, which brings different communities together from different parts of the world. Dance helps you to express your creativity. While dancing, people feel happy and free from any problem or tension. Dance is not just a hobby, but it is great profession also.

Each person likes his/her dance style. There are a number of dance forms available. But it is observed that there are some dance forms which are popular among most of the people. From old days, it is performed as a social activity. Some forms of dance considered for entertainment or even included in workouts to stay fit. Dancing releases endorphins, which make you feel happy.Many therapies are considered when it comes to relieving stress and being happy, Every dance form comes with a unique identity. Each dance form is different from other forms as a way of expressing it.

Here we have listed some dance forms, which people enjoy most

  1. Samba-Rhythm of this dance is so lively that people want to dance. It makes you carefree and feel the rhythm of your heart to make you happy.
  2. Rumba-Slow hip movement on slow rhythm is the main step in this Rumba dance.
  3. Cha-cha-cha-This Latin-American dance is very rhythmic. It has slow movements, though it is energetic form.
  4. Bolero-This slow dance style can be performed as a solo or with a partner.
  5. Mambo-It is a root of Salsa dance form. It has complex steps.
  6. Salsa-Salsa is influenced by Mambo and Rumba. You can perform salsa with your partner on the same spot on the dance floor.
  7. Jazz dance-It is a very energetic dance. It has steps, which are common to other forms.
  8. Ballet dance-This dance form portrays an idea or a small story.
  9. Swing dance-Boogie Woogie, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug and Rock and Roll, these are versions of Swing dance. People enjoy dancing, as this is upbeat dance form.
  10. Hip Hop dance-It is a street dance style, which is combined with attitude and colored costumes. Dance styles like locking and popping are used with Hip hop.
  11. Break dance-It is popular in the world because of the Michel Jackson. It is a male dominated dance style. It is actually a street dance.
  12. Tap dance-It is a very popular form because of the steps which includes movements of feet. More interesting is the tapping sound created while performing these steps. Actually metal plate on the soles of the shoes creates this sound.
  13. Belly dance-Basic step of Belly dance is circular movements of the hips. A person, who is flexible, can easily do this. Costumes designed for this are very bold. Moving to the dance can make you happy.
  14. Folk dance- In social event, folk dance is performed. Every country has its own folk dance. Number of forms of folk dance are available in all over the world.
  15. Modern dance- This type of dance contains unusual and interesting steps. The main focus is on expressions and emotions, which helps relax muscles and be happy. Different props, costumes, lighting is used with great creativity.

In all over the world, these dance styles are performed. In today’s world, dance has gone to a new level and can be used to relieve stress and enjoy your life. So chose your dance form and get ready to feel better and happier now.