7 Mistakes that make you overeat

Generally we eat for hunger, but there are some other reasons for eating like – to relive stress, to celebrate, social events. You eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you feel full. But many times, some situations trigger you to eat more.

Overeating may lead to obesity. If you have realized that you eat more than your actual hunger, then it is the time to find out the reason behind overeating habit and control your weight. If you make some changes in your habits and lifestyle, it will help you to overcome this overeating problem.

These mistakes are common which leads to overeating-

  1. Watching TV while eating- It is the common mistake most people do, when they are eating. While watching TV, they actually do not realize how much they have eaten. Like TV, computer and phone cause overeating problem. People get involved so much in checking emails, looking for Facebook updates or talking on the phone and forget that they are full. To overcome these problems, skip phone, computer and TV in the mealtime. Finish your meal and then enjoy other things.
  2. Eating food when you are actually thirsty- Most of the time people feel hungry, even after they had their meal. In such situation, to find out whether you are actually hungry or thirsty, drink some water. Wait for some time and then check out still you feel hungry or not.
  3. Skipping breakfast- People believe that, skipping breakfast is the best way to reduce weight. But if you do that, you will feel hungrier and you will eat more. This leads to weight gain. For good health, never skip breakfast. Research shows that people who have their breakfast regularly tend to have normal weight and good health.
  4. Avoiding eating between meals-  Some people think that eating in between meals will add to weight. But if you have healthier snacks such as fruits in between, it is good for your health. You will be less hungry and eat less at the mealtime and helps you to avoid overeating.
  5. Having a treat after a tough workout-  After you finish a workout, you think that you can enjoy a big treat, as you have burned some calories. But it is not good for your health.  If you had more calorie food after a workout, you cannot get the benefits of the workout you have done.
  6. Big bowls or plates-You will think that this is the funniest reason. But actually when you see an empty space on the plate, you feel that you are eating less and always try to fill it with more food, which leads to overeating. Instead, take smaller bowls and plates.
  7. Stressful lifestyle- Whenever you are stressed or feeling alone, a person craves for snacks. So, next time when you are stressed, try to find out whether you are actually hungry or not. It helps you to avoid your overeating habits.

Overeating may lead to some diseases. So we need to take care of these things and it is very important to deal with situations which triggers us to overeat. The above tips will surely help in this regards.