In an era of new-age trends and practices, the world is still buzzing about something very old which is none other than Oil Pulling! It is also known as Gandusha which offers health benefits, prevents certain diseases, and arms you with a camera-worthy smile. By the end of this blog, you will understand everything about oil pulling, how it works, how to practice it effectively at home, and the potential benefits of oil pulling. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient traditional Ayurvedic practice recommended, not only for a beautiful smile but also for general health and wellness. Did you know? Our mouth is the sanctuary of many bacteria, viruses, and fungi that pose a threat not only to our oral health but also to our overall well-being. This is how oil pulling came into existence because oils are great cleansers that have antibacterial and antiseptic properties and flush out these nasties before they have a chance to spread.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

You’ll be surprised to know that oil pulling has so many benefits not only for the mouth and oral cavity but also for your overall general health and well-being.

1. Prevents Dental Cavity

Our oral cavity is always covered with biofilm and removing the biofilm is essential to prevent cavities. More than 700 different types of bacteria live in the oral biofilm, among which Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacilli play an important role in causing tooth decay. It is evident that following a 40-day regimen of oil pulling reduced the microbial count in the oral cavity to 20%.

2. Effective Against Gum Disease 

Plaque-induced gingivitis is one of the most common types of gum disease caused by microorganisms in the plaque biofilm. A continuous 45-day oil-pulling treatment significantly reduced plaque formation, while gingivitis was reduced by 60%. This is because the oil’s natural emulsifying properties can penetrate deeper into the interdental spaces that our brush and floss cannot travel. It helps in thorough cleaning and prevention of gum diseases.

3. Fixes the Bad Breath Problem

More than 50% of the population suffers from halitosis, also known as bad breath. People with halitosis find it difficult to talk and laugh in public as the opposite person or group may feel discomfort. Common causes of bad breath in individuals include poor oral hygiene, infection, and gum disease. Oil-pulling therapy was found to be effective against halitosis and its associated pathogens, thereby fixing the social problem of halitosis.

4. Eliminates the Oral Thrush

Oral thrush or oral candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by Candida species that are commonly seen in people taking medications, wearing dentures, using inhalers for asthma, and undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Oil-pulling therapy eliminates the symptoms of oral thrush in two ways. First, the oil helps to remove toxins and other pathogens from the oral cavity during swishing. Second, the antifungal properties of the oils kill yeast in the oral cavity.

5. Releases Anti Oxidants

Oil pulling can produce anti-oxidants in the mouth. These anti-oxidants keep the bacteria and other microorganism levels under check. When they are under checks you will enjoy better gum health, lesser cavities, bad breath, and also stay away from nasty oral infections. 

The benefits of oil pulling are not limited to the oral cavity but also have many systemic benefits like diabetes, bronchitis, chronic skin disease, body toxicity, asthma, blood clots, eczema, etc.

How to Perform This Practice?

Remember, this is the first thing you do after you wake up: practice your oral hygiene. The correct technique for oil pulling is to take a tablespoon of oil and place it in your mouth. Then swish the oil around your mouth for at least 10 minutes. Initially, you may find it uncomfortable to hold the oil in your mouth, even for 10 minutes, but if you keep practicing, you will get used to it. 

If you experience nausea or any other discomfort, follow this simple trick to distract yourself. First, try to get out of your bathroom and engage in other activities. I distract myself by swaying it to the rhythm of the song in my head. You may find it silly and funny, but it will distract you more from the tune of the song than the oil in the mouth. Try it and let me how you feel. 

And most importantly do not swallow this oil as it contains all the toxins, dirt, and bacteria in your mouth. Make sure to spit out the oil after 10 minutes of oil pulling. Even after you spit, you may feel some oil in your mouth, so, gargle with warm water to remove the remaining oil from your mouth. You can start this practice with your daily oral care routine such as brushing and flossing. And don’t change this sequence, it’s always oil pulling, brushing, then flossing.

Benefits of Using Different Oils for Oil Pulling

Now, you might be wondering: What oils should I use for oil pulling?

1. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains 70% monounsaturated fatty acids with oleic acid as the predominant constituent. It also contains plant phenolic compounds, squalen, phytosterols, and vitamins A, E, and K. These constituents have antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, and antioxidative properties which make your teeth super squeaky clean compared to other oils and also reduce the formation of plaque. The only drawback is its bitter taste.

2. Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has a neutral taste compared to other oils. Although it has no special health benefits, it is considered for oil pulling because of its neutral taste and work against plaque.

3. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

Like avocado oil, sunflower oil lacks intense taste and special health benefits. The only thing is that it breaks up the plaque in the mouth. If you want something that is tasteless and just a plaque remover, you can go with sunflower oil for oil pulling.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a high saponification index. It contains lauric acid, which reacts with alkalis in saliva like sodium hydroxide and bicarbonate to form a sodium laurate. It reduces plaque adhesion and accumulation and has a cleansing action. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that prevent tooth decay and are beneficial for oral health. As an added advantage, coconut oil tastes amazing and feels great in the mouth.

5. Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

It is one of the oils tried and tested by Ayurvedic practices. Similar to coconut oil, it has some special properties. It contains sesamin, sesamolin, and sesaminol in addition to linoleic acid and oleic acid and has detoxifying, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties. It prevents lipid peroxidation, gum diseases, tooth decay, bad breath, dry lips, mouth, and oral injuries. So sesame seed oil is the real oil that people use during oil-pulling practice and it has stood the test of time.

Tips: Whenever you choose an oil for oil pulling, make sure it is cold pressed. Because nutrients are retained in the oil during cold pressing.

Side Effects If Any?

There are no side effects of oil pulling if done properly. It can be done by anyone, kids, adults, elders, and even pregnant women.

Oil Pulling Products

Here is a list of some of the oil-pulling products on the market that have heaps of beneficial ingredients with no harsh flavors or additives. Check out our ranking of the top 10 oil-pulling products which provide the best results.

1. Teeth Detox Coco Bright

Oil Pulling Teeth Detox Coco Bright

This coconut oil product whitens your teeth by reducing tea, coffee, and cigarette stains. Peppermint’s hit gives you a breath of fresh air, and it comes in a handy bottle that is easy to use and care for. But it is still expensive compared to regular oils.

2. Concentrate Dr Tung’s

Oil Pulling Concentrate Dr Tung’s

This product uses traditional Ayurvedic oil from sesame seeds. It contains botanicals to cleanse and soothe the gums. This product stabilizes all-natural ingredients in your mouth and helps detoxify and improve your oral hygiene. The downside is its flavor and the best part is that since it’s a concentrate, it can be mixed with coconut or sunflower oil, so it lasts longer than it looks.

3. Raspberry Kisses Organic Oil Pulling Program Coco Baci

Raspberry Kisses Organic Oil Pulling Program Coco Baci

This 15-pack of pulling oil will help you improve your oral health in just two weeks. The small sachets are filled with flavored oil and adding raspberries makes them extra moreish. 

4. Whitening Mouthwash Doctor Ginger

Coconut Oil Pulling & Whitening

Although it’s a mouthwash, adding coconut oil to this flavored product offers the bonus of pulling toxins out of the teeth, similar to oil pulling. If used properly, this natural mouthwash is designed to clean your teeth and gums without fluoride peroxide or sweeteners. The coconut mint blend gives you a satisfying breath that lasts longer.

5. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Coco Fina


Organic Cold Pressed

Here you can enjoy the simplicity of pulling with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil with a sweet scent, light texture, and the nutty twang of coconut. Just swish it in your mouth for the freshest gums. The advantage of this product is that it is not only for oil pulling but can be added to your cooking for the creamy coconut flavor. It can also be used as a moisturizer for dry skin and hair.

6. Swish and Swirl Oil Pulling Mouthwash Coco Blacks

Swish and Swirl Oil

This coconut oil-pulling mouthwash is infused with both tingling peppermint and medicinal activated charcoal. It is 100% natural, completely vegan and handmade. No preservatives are used in this mouthwash, and you’ll be left with a satisfying clean after every splash. It is also a PETA-certified product and is produced in small batches to guarantee freshness.

7. Coco Pull Coconut Oil Pulling Teeth Whitening Neatly

Coco Pull Coconut Oil

This oral oil-pulling wash promises to stop dry mouth and bad breath in their tracks with the help of top-quality organic coconut oil that is all-natural without any additives. You can enjoy sparkling white teeth after every swish.

8. Organic Coconut Oil Pulling Mouthwash with Ginger & Grapefruit

Organic Coconut Oil Pulling

For a burst of breath freshness along with the classic Ayurvedic style of oral detox you can try this product. You get 14 separate 5ml sachets in one pack so can watch the progress over the space for two weeks. This 100% organic product promises to boost your metabolism while ridding your mouth of harmful bacteria with its unique blend of ginger, grapefruit, cinnamon, and peppermint flavors.

9. Mouithwash with Organic Coconut Oil & Spearmint G 

Oil Pulling Mouithwash

This beautifully handcrafted pulling oil is infused with steam-distilled essential oils to fight oral bacteria and gently cleanse the gums all at once. It also helps you swish away stubborn nasties hidden between the teeth. The key benefit of this pulling oil is that it comes in a completely recyclable bottle allowing you to reduce your plastic use.

10. Original Oil Pulling with Spearmint Boosted  

Original Oil Pulling with Spearmint Boosted

Use this portable refillable to boost your oral confidence. The packaging makes them very easy to use and easy to carry. If you’re always on the go, these convenient pouches pull bacteria from the crevices of your mouth with an uplifting punch like spearmint, gluten-free, GMO-free, and paleo-friendly. This product is well worth the investment.

Get Ready for a Radiant Smile!

I hope this blog gave you complete information about oil pulling, its benefits, procedure, etc. So, it’s clear that this ancient practice has numerous benefits beyond oral health. Since it is a simple and effective method, give it a try, and let your smile shine brighter than ever!