You spend a lot of money to purchase your favorite clothes. The first step to managing your ethical wardrobe is keeping your clothes for a long time. There are a lot of things you can do to keep your attires looking new and fresh. Do you want to make your clothes remain forever? Continue reading to know about tips on how to take care of clothes. 

How to Take Care of Your Clothes? 

What kind of clothing lasts the longest? Follow these tips on how to take care of clothes. 

1. Buy Quality Clothes 

Try to purchase high-quality sustainable clothes instead of cheap ones. The price for quality dresses may be higher but it lasts longer. So, don’t be afraid to spend money on garments that are made with excellent quality materials. 

2. Hand Wash Your Dresses 

You can schedule a few days in the week to hand wash your clothes instead of waiting for a full laundry. Most clothes are made from several fabrics like cotton, nylon, and more. These clothes will get spoiled faster while using them on the washing machine. 

3. Use Less Amount of Detergent 

An excessive amount of washing detergent makes your clothes look dull and rough. You can add baking soda with detergent which acts as a natural detergent booster. Use eco-friendly detergents that prevent tearing and fading of materials. It will be gentle on your skin compared to other chemical products. 

4. Carry a Stain Removal Pen 

Cloth stains are very common and it can happen anytime. The primary rule is to treat stains as soon as possible. For that, stain-removal pens and wipes are beneficial. The stain remover helps eliminate the toughest drink stains and food particles on the spot. You need to rub across the stain using a stain removal pen. 

5. Use a Clothesline 

Do clothes last longer if air-dried? Yes, it improves the life span of clothes. After washing your clothes, you can naturally let the dresses air dry. Using a clothesline enables you to avoid shrinking and overheating garments. 

6. Store Garments in a Cool and Dry Environment 

Don’t keep your clothes in overexposure to light and confined spaces. Also, try to avoid keeping your clothes in the bathroom, and moldy basement where you can have high bacteria growth. You can provide some breathing space for your garments in the wardrobe. This will avoid color fading and wrinkling of clothes. 

7. Make Use of Better Hangers 

Wooden hangers will be best to take care of your clothes despite the expense. Try to avoid plastic and wire hangers that leave you with saggy clothing. There will not be many creases on your garments once you put in the hangers. 

8. Use a Delicate Bag 

You can preserve the lifespan of attires by investing in a few delicate bags. It is an easy way to stop the rips and damages in the washing machine. Using delicate bags is the cheapest way to take care of your clothes. 

Apart from these, using fabric conditioners, turning down your washing machine, ironing at the right temperature and more are other tips on how to take care of clothes. All of these are helpful to save your garments longer.