Control your weight to keep diabetes at bay

One of the major symptoms of diabetes is a sudden loss in weight. Being overweight gives way to horde of problems and diabetes is one of them. Surprisingly, loss in weight may be an indication that a person suffers from diabetes. Doctors recommend weight management so as to avoid any lifestyle disease.

Many people work hard to reduce weight so as to stay fit and healthy but sometimes loss of weight occurs unintentionally. If the weight loss is occurring involuntarily, it is referred to as diabetes weight loss. This loss in weight can prove to be harmful for the body. Person suffering from this condition may become too weak. This is because, muscles re constantly breaking down.

The reason behind this condition is resistance for insulin developing in the body. It is very important to take care of tissue metabolism as it helps in the stimulation of glucose going into the tissues. The problem of excessive urination develops in the person suffering from this condition due to high sugar levels in blood and lack of insulin. Frequent urination results in dehydration and this result in weight loss. It is necessary to regulate the sugar levels in the blood to control unwanted weight loss.

The chances of Type 2 Diabetes increase significantly if weight is not controlled. The best way to control blood sugar levels is by losing weight in a gradual manner. Conversely, sudden weight loss can be prevented in patients by following certain steps. Some of these steps are-

  •  Sugar must be altogether avoided if problems mentioned above are witnessed. Weight loss may also result due to excess intake of sugar;
  •  Enough metabolism must be generated for regulating production of insulin in the body. One can increase metabolism by eating foods that burn foods, drinking a lot of water and regular exercising.
  • In order to prevent diabetes weight loss, patients must go for light exercises like running and walking. Drinking lots of water is extremely important as it replaces dehydration that may result if a person suffers with the problem of frequent urination condition. Water offers loads of other benefits, as well.
  • A physician must be consulted immediately who will suggest a treatment plan and suggestions about dietary changes. Foods with high sugar must be avoided. Some of these foods are bananas, mangoes, pastries, chocolates, coffee, etc. Many doctors provide diabetics food plan for the patients.
  • For energizing the body and stopping loss of weight due to diabetes, vitamins and proteins must be taken. Green leafy vegetables and whole fruits are also advised for maintaining good health.
  • Chia seeds have also proven to be highly beneficial in avoiding diabetes. These seeds can be added to the diet.

The steps mentioned above helps in preventing diabetes to a significant level.