10 Fitness habits you should inculcate in your 20s

Twenties is a delicate time in the life of every person and this is the time when a person must start focusing on cultivating good habits concerning fitness and diet so as to stay healthy for life long. There will never be problems like fatigue, restlessness, stress, skin related issues etc if right habits are developed and incorporated in the lifestyle. In nutshell, 20s is the defining time in the life of every individual. If you want to stay fit and active and enjoy smooth and glowing skin for years to come, you need to follow certain tips.

Some fitness habits you should inculcate in your 20s are

Increased Calcium Consumption

Bone mass can only be increased till a person reaches his or her 30s. After that, he or she relies on the calcium that has been stocked in the body till now. Thus, before reaching this age, one must increase calcium consumption which is a necessary mineral responsible for strong bones and teeth. If enough calcium is taken during this time, the chance of suffering from conditions like osteoporosis reduces considerably. Calcium is available in many food products like soybean, dairy products, cereals, oranges, etc. With calcium, Vitamin D must also be taken as it helps in the absorption of calcium.

Weight Training

For losing piled up excess pounds, cardio exercises are a must. These exercises also help in building stamina. Besides cardio workouts, it is necessary to add weight training sets that will help in stronger and healthier joints and bones. For this purpose, it is not necessary to join gym. Weight lifting exercises can also be done at home. Push ups, squats, chin ups, bicycle, tricep ups, squat jacks, crunches, bear crawl, tuck jump, plank, mountain climber, lunges, calf rises, etc are some exercises to be followed religiously.

Regular Pap Test

After 30s, getting yearly PAP test is a must. This test indicates the possibility of cervical cancer and other troubles early on thereby giving sufficient time to get proper treatment done. This test is done after a woman becomes sexually active.

Proper balanced diet

It is necessary to have balanced diet with all nutrients available in the food in sufficient amounts. Fast food must be avoided as much as possible. This will help you stay fit and avoid piling on of unwanted pounds. Problems like cardiovascular and diabetes can be avoided for years to come this way.

Hair and Skin

Every person wishes to look attractive and stylish. Paying attention on hair and skin right from an early age will help in maintaining natural beauty for a long time. One may desire to use a variety of makeup and cosmetic products available these days but in long run, these products have a very bad impact on the skin. In order to ensure glowing skin and hair, balanced and nutritious diet is the only solution.

Proper Sleep

There are many reasons why sound and adequate sleep becomes a trouble for many people in their 20s. It can be late night parties, stress of studies or job, pressure of work and more. Inadequate sleep can have a serious toll on the health leading to troubles like depression, diabetes, reduced ability to retain information and also dull skin. Thus, one must ensure 6-8 hours sleep.