Sometimes the most effective remedies can be found in the simple products around us. From the name, we all assume that baby oil is exclusively for use on infants. Surprisingly, it’s not true. This oil has multiple beauty uses for adults as well. As it is packed with vitamins and minerals, baby oil is safe to use in your regular skincare and haircare routine. Check out this blog to learn more about these amazing beauty hacks of baby oil.

1. For Frizzy Hair

Flyaway Hair

Baby oil is a mild and gentle oil that is renowned for its moisturizing properties. It penetrates the scalp, smoothes the cuticles, and reduces frizz and flyaways. 

How to Use: After washing your hair, just add a few drops of baby oil to seal in the hair’s natural oil and prevent flyaways and frizz.

2. As a Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

You can get rid of your makeup even the waterproof eye makeup, sunscreen, and dirt with amazing baby oil. 

How to Use: Start by massaging your face with baby oil to dissolve makeup. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. You can also soak dry tissues or cotton in the oil and wipe away the makeup. 

3. For Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Baby oil locks in the moisture and gives a shiny and radiant look to the skin. 

How to Use: Apply a few drops of baby oil on your hands, and legs after shower to achieve instant glowing skin.

4. As a Cuticle Moisturizer

Cuticle Moisturizer

Cuticle tends to dry easily resulting in cracking and peeling. Baby oil helps soften and nourish the cuticle. 

How to use: Simply massage 2-3 drops of baby oil around the cuticles. For best results repeat twice a week.

5. As a Shaving Oil

Shaving Oil

Replace your regular shaving cream with baby oil. You can feel the visible difference after your shaving session. Its lubrication property allows the razor to glide smoothly minimizing the risk of skin irritation.

How to Use: Apply a few drops of baby oil on the area to be shaved and give a gentle massage. Then carry out your usual shaving procedure. 

6. Soothes Cracked Feet

Cracked Feet

Using baby oil on cracked heels prevents peeling and leaves your feet nourished and moisturized. 

How to Use: Before applying the baby oil to cracked areas, soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin. You can also leave this oil overnight by wearing socks. Repeat regularly for quick results.

7. As a Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Do you have chapped and dry lips? Quench your dry lips with a few drops of baby oil. It softens the chapped and cracked lips giving a real shimmery effect to the lips.

How to Use: Take some baby oil and apply it all over your lips to get an instant gloss look.

8. Helps with Split Ends

Split Ends

Baby oil comes in as a handy solution for split ends. It not only reduces the appearance of split ends but also adds a natural shine to the hair. 

How to Use: Rub 3-4 drops of baby oil into your palms. Now run your palm from the roots to the ends of your hair. 

9. As a Body Scrub

Body Scrub

Baby oil can exfoliate dead cells and constantly regenerate the skin. Hence it is a great choice to use it as a body scrub.

How to Use: Mix 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 tbsp honey, and 1 tbsp baby oil. Apply in a circular motion all over the body and leave it for 30 minutes. Then simply wash it with lukewarm water or wipe it away using a washcloth.

10. For a Dewy Makeup

Dewy Makeup Look

Mixing baby oil in your regular foundation makes them blend easier, last longer, and give a stunning dewy finish. If you’re using a powder foundation, apply oil to your face first.

How to Use: Add 3 to 4 drops of baby oil to a few drops of foundation. Apply with a sponge or your fingers for a dewy makeup look.

11. Tame Unruly Eyebrows

Unruly Eyebrows

If you need a quick fix to shape your eyebrows, brush baby oil all over your eyebrows to tame and give a clean look.

How to Use: Simply soak a clean mascara brush in baby oil and use it.

12. Softens the Makeup Brush

Makeup Remover

Taking care of makeup brushes is equally important as you take care of your skin. Along with cleaning, give your brush a deep conditioning. And baby oil plays a very good role in softening your makeup brush.

How to Use: After cleansing, whirl your makeup brush in a few drops of baby oil and rinse with warm water. It is ready to use after completely dried.

It’s clear that baby oil isn’t just for babies and it proves to be a game-changer in our beauty routines. So why wait? Start implementing baby oil into your skincare and haircare routines and transform to your radiant new!