We all realize that the lip balms out there are pretty expensive, if not, we are not aware of what’s in them which might not be good for our sensitive lips. So if you make it yourself, you are sure of what you put in it and also you can customize the colors of your choice. So, learn how to make your own lip balm at home!

They are fun, adorable and far healthier than the store-bought version.

For the ingredients, you’ll first need Vaseline which is the base element for this DIY. Next, you’ll need oil for long-lasting moisturization. Olive oil and Vitamin-E oil works wonder for delicate lips. But there are a variety of essential oils that come with a refreshing fragrance that you can choose from.

For the tint, you can either grab your favorite lipstick that you want the color of your lip balm to be or a crayon. Yes, crayons are safe to use but make sure they are non-toxic. And you’ll lastly need a container to put it in. you can reuse some of your old lip balm containers as well.

Now let’s get started.

Step1: scoop some Vaseline and melt. For that, boil some water in a vessel, Get the required amount of Vaseline in a cup and place it in the boiling water.

Step2: After the Vaseline melts, add some oil depending on the consistency that you prefer. Excess oil can lead to a greasy product. 2-3 drops of oil will do.

Step3: Now the lipstick! Get some lipstick and swirl it in the mixture until it melts thoroughly. If you want the color to be intense then add more. Turn off the heat when the mixture is done.  You can replace lipstick with crayons as well.

Step4: Pour the mixture into the container and keep it in the refrigerator to completely solidify.

Once you take out it out, the product is ready for use.