Leave sparks behind not stains! Wearing lipstick and carrying it is an art. You can master this art with trial and error. If wondering how do you keep lipstick from getting on glass? Here are some tips to avoid transferring lipstick stains on glasses and collars.

Lip stains

A lip stain will tint behind without stripping all the moisture. It is an excellent option if you need a budge-proof lipstick that leaves stains on your lip’s surface and not on other surfaces. Apply a layer of lip stain that comes in any form, such as lipstick, lip oil, or tint, and press your lips against tissue and remove any excess product. It is an effective method to avoid lipstick stains on the glass.

The base

Create a strong base, a canvas for applying your lipstick. The step is to ensure the application of a less amount of product and lesser transfer when you take a drink. You can also opt for lip primers, as they will give you a sticky finish for a better hold of lipsticks on the lips. If you have pigmented lips or want a strong base underneath your lipstick, lip primers are the go-to effective option. 

Lip sealant

As the name suggests, a lip sealant will seal your lipstick in place and will not move around and create a mess. Apply any lipstick, and take off the excess lipstick. Apply a layer of the lip sealant and let that dry for some time. Once the lip sealant dries on the lips, the lipstick will remain intact and sandwiched, and avoid lipstick stains on the glass.


Matte variants of lipsticks are less likely to transfer. Moisturize your lips well, wipe off the lip balm before application, and apply an even layer of any matte lipstick that could be in a liquid form or a bullet lipstick. Matte lipsticks are manufactured in a way, that the lipstick will sit tight on the lip’s surface and will barely move around. 

Power of powder

A setting powder will come in handy to keep the lipstick intact. Apply a layer of lipstick and take a tissue, place it on top of your lips and dab the setting powder to the surface that touches your lips. The process will eliminate any creaminess in the lipstick that may otherwise transfer to other surfaces. The particles in the setting powder will absorb the moisture content.


You can avoid lipgloss that will glide on the lip’s surface and the surface it comes into contact. New products are coming out in the market that is glossy and transfer-proof as well. Its formulation takes a few minutes to settle and then stays in its place.

Be mindful

If unable to follow the mentioned steps, be a little mindful when taking a sip. Place your lips on the brim of the glass, or go for a straw. This way, the transfer will be minimal.

These are our tried and tested tricks to prevent lipstick stains; to keep them in place without leaving stains on glasses and collars. Give them a shot if you are worried about your favorite shade giving you a hard time moving around and transferring.