Valuable Tips to wear attractive lenses

In our daily routine, our body posture, looks and especially eyes play a very important role. If you want to say goodbye to your spectacles and choose lenses, then no need to bother about your decision. Certainly, wearing contact lenses come with  a few important guidelines about hygiene and maintaining good eye health.  You need to follow care regimen given by your optometrist to maintain good eye health. There are so many things you need to take care to make your eyes more comfortable while wearing lenses.

Here we share some valuable tips for contact lens users

  1. If you are thinking to use contact lenses, first consult your eye doctor. As Lenses come in different shapes, material and strength, your Ophthalmologist helps you find the right description for lenses, which fits your eyes. You can buy lenses online also. But then also, you need to consult the optometrist. You will perform better, if you see well.
  2. Most of the care you need to take when you put your lenses or take it out. Be sure to wash your hands and dry it completely, before applying lenses. Place the lens on the tip of the middle finger or index finger. Then pull out your upper eyelid with fingers and pull down the lower lid with help of thumb of other hand and position the contact lens on your eye. Close the eye and roll it, which helps to settle the lens. While removing the lens, pull down your lower eyelid and push the lens onto the white of your eye. Then, with the help of thumb and index finger pinch it and lift the lens of your eye.
  3. Do not wash contact lenses with water instead of its solution. Because water may contain microbes, which can cause eye infection.
  4. If there is something on the lenses or under them, it may feel uncomfortable. So properly clean and disinfect your lenses every night with the solution. Like you wash your lenses, also wash the lens storage case regularly. Replace the old solution with new one regularly.
  5. Before applying makeup, you can wear soft lenses. But if you have gas-permeable lenses, then it is good to put it after you are done with makeup. Do not apply eye liners between your eye and eyelashes. Use non-allergenic makeup. Choose water based creams instead of oil based options. Close your eyes before applying compact/powder. Make sure to take out your lenses, before you remove the eye makeup. Replace your eye makeup regularly. As an old eye makeup can cause infection to your eyes.
  6. Cosmetic and decorative lenses are safe to use, but make sure to get it from the eye doctor. Disposable lenses can be used for one day only. You can wear lenses for sports and other activities also.
  7. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Most of the people spend hours in front of the TV, computer and cell phones, which causes eye strain problem and sometimes eyes get tired. So make a habit of taking a break after every 20 minutes and for 20 second look at an object which is placed at 20 feet away.

You can consult your ophthalmologist, if you need more information about eye care and contact lenses. If the doctor suggests replacing the lenses, then follow his instructions. Remember, with proper care and information about lenses, you can look smart with attractive lenses without any trouble to your eyes.