10 Shoes every woman should own

Shoes are an integral part of our wardrobe. Women land up buying tons and tons of shoes to match the outfits that they wear. But there are certain shoes that no woman can go without. They are a ‘must-have’ for every wardrobe.

1. Ballet flats

If you are looking for something casual to wear with your dresses, that also feels ultra-feminine then ballet flats is the way to go. They are comfortable and perfect for regular use.

2. Boots

You have the options to choose between ankle length, knee length boots etc… Depending on the purpose you should select your boots.

The ankle length is ideal to add a funky touch to your girlie outfits. You can use them to hike or even to dance. Then of course there are boots to serve the actual sport of riding.

3. Stilettos

For a sexy night out in town, nothing can beat a pair of sexy stilettoes. They make you look tall and give you that extra oomph. So if you want to look tall, stylish and feel on top of the world then you got to own a pair of these.

4. Pumps

This is a must have for every wardrobe. They give your feet the support it needs without looking too Plain Jane. You can use them for work or for a simple errand. This is like an all-purpose shoe.

5. Sneakers

Apart from being useful at the gym, sneakers can look stylish for regular use over a simple pair of jeans or dungarees.

6. Wedges

Want to look stylish in a summer dress then a wedge heeled shoe is what you should wear. They give an impression of being stylish like heeled shoes but offer the same comfort as that of wearing flats.

7. Flat Summer Sandals

Sandals are great to roam around town with. They are casual and fun and you can practically live in them. They are the superior version of the flip flops and can not only carry a dress with ease but also looks great with a pair of jeans and shorts.

8.Loafer or oxfords

Loafers have come to stay. They come in between a casual and official look. So if you want to look casual in a pair of formals then don a pair of loafers.

9. Peep toes

This sexy invention is adored by women all across the globe. You can choose to wear heeled peep toes or flat ones. Whichever you choose to buy, you are sure to look sexy, flirty and feminine wearing them.

10. Platforms sandals

These are a blessing to the not so taller ladies out there. These can be worn for regular use as they provide ample comfort and look sexy at the same time.

So if you don’t seem to own any of the pairs mentioned above, it’s time to go shopping!