Who doesn’t like to look beautiful and receive compliments? In fact, it’s the dream of every woman. Cosmetics and beauty products are at the top of many women’s shopping lists. These days, lipstick is a vital part of every woman’s makeup. Many don’t step out of the house without wearing lipstick. However, there are some women who carefully consider the pros and cons of wearing lipstick! Today, you can find hundreds of varieties of lipsticks in every color and shade. The price will vary based on the brand of lipstick you choose. In this blog, let’s see how to wear lipstick perfectly.

Most of today’s lipsticks contain oils, waxes and emollients. The lipsticks used by people thousands of years ago were made of beeswax. These cosmetic products were used by various civilizations, including ancient Mesopotamian women.

Today, you can find many women wearing lipstick, but some of them don’t really know how to apply it properly. They have several doubts/queries about using lipstick. If you are one of them, this blog will surely help you use your lipstick the right way so that you can also look like the celebrities you watch on TV. Now, it’s time to gear up for the lipstick tips we are going to list in this blog!

Tips for Easy Lipstick Application

Applying lipstick can be challenging for some women as they are not familiar with the process, especially when using a darker shade. If you are getting ready for a party, then follow the simple steps given below to apply your lipstick and achieve those perfect-looking lips.

1. Prepare Your Lips

Prepare your lips

You might wonder why you need to prepare your lips before applying lipstick on them. Many do not perform this basic step because they do not realize its significance. However, the first step in wearing lipstick everyday is to prepare them the right way. This preparation step is crucial for your lipstick to stay longer and for your lips to look beautiful throughout the day.

If your lips are dry, any lipstick won’t look good on them. So, apply some cream or a lip balm to soften them. Apply it before a party so that they are soft enough.

If you think that your lips get dry when you wear your lipstick, you can use one of the hydrating or moisturizing lipsticks available on the market.

2. Pick the Correct Shade

Pick the correct shade

You can select a shade that matches your attire. Not all shades look good on everyone. Skin color is another crucial aspect that determines the color shade of your lipstick. Experiment with a few shades to find out which one complements you the most.

First, get rid of the thought, “I can’t wear lipstick,” if you already think along those lines. All skin tones are beautiful, and there are lipstick colours available for each one of them. For fair skin, red lipstick is the perfect choice. It makes you look stunning and highly attractive. For medium-colour skin, nude lipstick shades can work wonders. It can be peach, pink, or berry. There are several more varieties of these shades, and the top 5 nude lipsticks under 500 are quite popular. Chocolate brown, copper brown and bronze shades go well with dark skin tones. These are also the office wear lipstick shades for dark skin. Choosing the right shade is one of the fundamental lipstick tricks.

3. Make Use of a Lip Liner

Make use of a lip liner

Lots of women don’t understand the importance of using a lip liner. When they dress up for office in a hurry, they just proceed with the lipstick application without thinking about the lip liner. 

However, a lip liner makes your lipstick last longer on the lips. It also helps the lipstick adhere better to the lips and prevents it from fading away. Lip liners act as a base for your lipstick, just like the foundation you use on your skin for makeup. Adopting the right way to apply lip liner can help enhance your looks.

Never use contrasting shades for the lip liner and lipstick. Dark lip liner doesn’t go well with light-colored lipstick. Always use similar shades or nude shades of lip liners that match well with the lipstick shade. You can also select the lip liner based on your choice between lipstick for thick lips and lipstick for thin lips.

4. Apply the Lipstick Using a Convenient Method

Apply the lipstick

Some women use the lipstick tube directly, whereas others use their hands to apply. In case you are on the go or need a more subtle look, you can use your fingers to apply lipstick. This is one of the most useful lipstick hacks.

Suppose you are wearing lipstick for parties and you are done with the preparation and using the lip liner, what is the next step? 

Here it is! Use the convenient way of lipstick application. If you are using a brush, make sure it is clean and dry. If you are a beginner, don’t worry about the brush. Just use the lipstick directly. Now, follow the steps below to apply your lipstick perfectly.

Steps to Apply Lipstick

  1. Start applying the lipstick from the center of the lips, which is the Cupid’s bow, and move towards the corners till the whole lips are filled.
  2. Avoid multiple swipes of the lipstick because it can make the product build up on the lips, resulting in a patchy look.
  3. Also, refrain from using too much lipstick as it can cause the product to crack or bleed outside the lips.
  4. While applying the lipstick, try to smile. This will make the lipstick look even. Thinking of something that makes you happy will definitely work!
  5. If you still see some patchy spots, just swipe one of your clean fingers on the top of the lipstick and then dab the colour on the patchy spots.

5. Blot Your Lips 

Blot your lips

Blotting your lipstick prevents it from getting on your teeth. Furthermore, blotting helps your lipstick set on the lips and makes it last longer.

  • Get hold of a tissue and fold it in half.
  • Keep the tissue between your lips such that the folded part is facing your mouth.
  • Now, press your lips on the tissue.
  • Get rid of the tissue. The blotting procedure is over!

6. Apply the Lipstick a Second Time

Apply lipstick a second time

Use the lipstick once again on your blotted lips. This step will help give the exact colour to the lips. Perform the blotting procedure again using a new, clean tissue. This removes the extra lipstick from your lips. 

We understand that lipstick application might take some time and patience, especially while wearing lipstick with thin lips. Allotting ten minutes in the morning or evening can go a long way in getting the perfect lips.

7. Finish Off by Using a Lip Gloss

Use a lip gloss

For the final touch and shine, apply a layer of lip gloss in the middle of the lips and spread it to the corners. For a matte look, do not apply the lip gloss and keep the lipstick as it is.

Now that you know the tips to wear your lipstick perfectly, you can incorporate all of them into your daily life to look gorgeous and stunning. Also, share our tips with your friends and family members so that none of them says, “I don’t look good in lipstick!” 

Flaunt Your Perfect Lips in Style!

Flaunt your perfect lips

It is always suggested that a woman should carry the same lipstick, a makeup remover wipe, some tissues, a compact, a mirror and a lip brush in her bag for quick touch-ups. Long-lasting and expertly applied lipstick will surely make you look dazzling. It is not at all hard to get lips that look flawless. So, do try our tips to wear lipstick perfectly now!