The combination of Citrus and Lemon being a small evergreen native Asian tree bears a fruit in yellow colored called Lemon. Lemon is an opulent source of Vitamin C offering you various cosmetic and dietary benefits. There is completely no better alternative for beautifying your look and personality than a natural product. It is very much rich in sugars, fruit acids and citrus.To stay young and beautiful, lemon can be the best way to opt for a natural and healthy skin and look.

Ways to use lemon for your beauty

  1. Radiant Complexion– Dead cells that are formed on the layers of the skin can be shoved off with the enzymes that are available in this fruit. Dark spots, sunburns, patches, irritation etc factors cannot find a better solution than lemon. Adding a small amount of alum on the lemon slice and rubbing it all over your face will give you even better results.
  2. Blackhead Remover- Blackheads, pimples and boils are the common problems of younger generations more prominent in summers. College goers are very much particular about their looks and they can completely rely on lemon juice for complete soup-to-nuts solutions. Applying lemon juice on the affected area and keeping it to rest for overnight will help you free from pimple spots and blackheads in just a week.
  3. Longer Hair– Diverse issues related to hair like hair loss, hair graying, split ends, uneven breakage etc is a common scenario in today’s hectic lifestyle. Massaging your scalp with perfect blend of lemon juice, castor oil and henna powder and washing it the next morning will keep you away from gray hair. Similarly, the combination of lemon juice and coconut water applied on your scalp for 7 consequent days will save you from hair loss. Apart from this, you can get rid of itching scalp and dandruff if you apply lemon juice combined with the white portion of the egg.
  4. Glossy Nails- Feminine beauty is defined well with strong and beautifully long nails. Various factors like process of aging, nutrition intake in diet, working in water for longer times etc can make you nails brittle. Lemon is a best solution to nail problems. You can easily fix your nails and regain its beauty by soaking them in lemon juice for 10mins and then rinsing it with warm water.
  5. Anti-aging- Most of the people complain of the older looking skin in early ages because of the stress and tension being an outcome of the modern lifestyle. Unification of 1 tablespoon lemon juice with a well beaten egg white is the doctor remedy. Apply this mixture on the portion of your skin and neck and rinse with water after 20mins. Pat dry and get a glowing skin like never before.

So, get going with the lemony glow making you look vibrant from top to toe!