Acne is a major skin care problem not just among teenagers but also adults. Since it also causes much discomfort, most of us tend to run to the nearest cosmetic store or medicine shops to buy the much advertised acne products which promise to clean off acne in just a day or two. Most of the branded cosmetic companies have acne products and these are quite popular too, especially with the young population who do not like acne on their faces even for a day.

Some Acne Products Can Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions

Till now everything was well but a recent U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) statement that most of these acne products are capable of triggering severe allergic reactions have sent shockwaves all around. Mild reaction and allergies are common to all products, but severe allergies that can pose serious hazards to health that have been found after the use of some acne products is shocking.

Allergy causing acne products

Products especially skincare products should take care of the skin and not cause any harm. But FDA’s recent finding that some acne products sold over the counter can even cause life-threatening allergies is a serious concern. These products mostly sold as cosmetics or skincare products can be brought directly from a shop without any medical prescription. They are available in all types of forms from solutions, to gels and even face scrubs. Some are available in the form of face wash and toners even. The fact is that these products contain harmful chemicals in a good proportion that can cause side effects on skin and not only that, in the long run, these products can pose a serious threat to life.

These acne products were found to contain chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid which can create harsh chemical reactions on skin when applied on it. Though most of these products come with a warning that the use of these products can create mild allergic reactions on some skin such as burning, itching or dryness, the more harmful effects were never mentioned on the products.

FDA findings

Thus FDA has advised users to check the active ingredients listed on the products and the amount of these ingredients contained in such lotions. Till 2013, FDA said that they have received complaints and reports regarding allergic reactions on acne product users. The age of the victims ranged from just 11 to over 78. Some even reported that they suffered such allergic reactions just after a day of use. Some reactions that FDA found were shortness of breath, fainting, throat tightness and even sudden collapse. Even severe swelling of eyes, face and lips were reported. Though FDA has not found any cases of death, at least around half of the victims did need hospitalization and treatment for many days.

FDA now has asked the manufacturers of acne products to tell consumers about the safety issues and precautions. Doctors advise that those who suffer from acne and are about to use a product, then they should first try it on their skin by taking a very small amount and applying on the affected area and wait for at least three days to see what allergy it induces. Even if a slight allergy is experienced, they should immediately seek medical attention.