Make Up Tips To Make Your Eyes Pop Eyes are one of the most attractive features of humans and adding definition to them makes them appear even more beautiful and pretty. Apart from adding to your personality, it also gives an oomph to your face making it appear attractive than rest. But, how exactly you do it? Wrong make ups can actually make you look disaster spoiling the party time or the date evening. If you plan on going out and want to hop on quick make up to get poppy eyes making them appear bigger and better.

Some simple make up tips that will guide your way through

  • Focus on lashes- Show stopping look requires you to put on fake lashes. But, not anymore. You can still get that look by making an appropriate use of your mascara giving it a magic wand touch. Achieve the stunning look you always wanted with few swipes of your mascara wand. New formulas have the unique combination of lengthening and volumizing fibers, along with brushes that makes it possible to grab the small hairs other mascaras misses out. The eye-opening effect can be maximized by holding the wand as close as possible to the roots of the lashes and then wiggling it in a to and fro motion, rather than just sweeping out. This will serve a dense deposition of mascara on your lashes.
  • Bright Liner- Liners are usually applied on the top lid, but this time around try applying it to the lower line of you lash. Liners with lighter shades will give you and amazingly opening effect of eyes instantly. Do not stress much on choosing the colors and just focus on appropriate pair of basic colors that match your skin tone. Dual end liners are the best solution.
  • Smoky Eyes- If done properly, smoky eyes are surely not that heavy and scary as you had always thought of. Go for shadows with rich gem colors like greens, blues, golds and purples. These colors usually look good on every one instead of the harsh blacks and greys. Use a thick brush for depositing the color on your lid to the crease from the start of the lash using to and fro strokes. Apply slightly dense shade on the lid’s outer part mixing little into the crease. This will slightly and gradually start building up the color on your lash with a soft smudge.
  • Inner Rim- Lining the inner rim of your eye with a water liner will make your lashes appear bolder and thicker than usual. This look can be perfect for all occasions or even a normal evening walk. Liner on inside will help create a fuller lash line illusion