probiotics help in getting rid of acne

Since several decades, the mystery behind acne and its eruptions have puzzled doctors and scientists to no end. Acne which is considered as a sign of hormonal changes in the body has been treated as a spot on the flawless beauty of many people, especially women. As a girl starts going through puberty, several changes starts in her body. Eruption of acne on her face is the first sign of changes occurring in her body. Many times, acne also occurs just before the start of menstrual periods.

According to some scientists, acne may occur due to bacteria that cause acne which is referred to as P.acnes. These bacteria live on the skin of every person but only some people suffer from an acne breakout while other people continue enjoying resilient and clear complexions. The reason behind this discrepancy is still not very clear.

Investigative Dermatology published the results of a new study that was conducted in this field in its journal. A possible answer to the problem of discrepancy seen in the skin getting afflicted in some people was tried to find out. UCLA researchers identified and lifted these bacteria from the skin pores of 52 volunteers who were clear complexioned and 49 volunteers who were acne prone. They found more than 1000 bacteria strains and the researchers were also successful in identifying unique genes for each strain. The result of this study was that P.acnes bacteria not being treated equal. Uncovering P. acnes strain that is found commonly on a human skin was a great success for the scientists but they were surprised to note that this strain is rarely seen in acne on the skin of some of some of the volunteers.

In nutshell, people blessed with clear skin had “good” bacteria which kept “bad” bacteria that triggers pimple at bay. In this aspect, genetics is also believed to have a vital role in deciding who suffers from acne and who is spared from the onslaught of this problem. This proves that not all bacteria can be considered as bad. Some of them may even be good. The good bacteria in our body keep a tight leash on bad bacteria and keep us safe from their negative impacts.

Many women are quite familiar with the concept of bacteria and this is because of the growing nuisance of infections occurring due to yeast. Before using Dannon Light mask next time acne is spotted on the skin, you can use a wide array of potential lotions for treating acne which will not emit any unpleasant smell. Probiotics have also been found to have a great impact on getting rid of acne. Probiotics is also available in yoghurt which is available easily and is considered to be best for treating acne. Since creams with probiotics have a lot of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, they prevent the skin in a natural way. Thus, yoghurt or any other probiotics containing product proves to be very advantageous for people who look forward to having a smooth and flawless skin.