How To Handle Your Kid's Technology and Still Be Super CoolTechnology has sprung high with the modern generation and also the creative forefront has exposed kids to various facets of the modern world and urbanization. No matter what is the occasion; either vacation time or family time, kids engrossed in their imaginary world provided by the factual gadgets is a common sight seen in every family. Even if the world is getting compact, modes communication and technology are endlessly expanding in distinct avenues. Considering the pros and cons of the modernization and the technology, it is utmost important to keep a track on the activities of your kids performed on the latest technology gadgets and still have a cool and composed impression.

As per the market survey, most of the families admit that they hand over their kids with the iPhone’s and iPod’s in their schools itself for convenience and project work. Do not refrain your kids from using the technology but make sure they make a proper use of it. Instead of making them keep distance from latest gadgets, make them responsible enough to make it of a great use. But, make sure in this entire process, you do not lose on the confidence that your kids have in you and also do not use extreme restrictions on them. This will not only make your kids get into the wrong company because of the comfit issues, but will also limit their sharing process with you.

Follow some simple steps will help you handle your kid’s technology and keep them attached to you

  • Facebook Essentials- While filling out the information related to personal and academic life, make your teens understand the pros and cons of the information going public with few of the personal stories and examples. This will make you sound more real and also will make your teens develop a genuine listening attribute towards you. Inform them about everything; right from the friend selection to managing their timeline and photos. Do not sound monotonous and authoritative, but maintain a friendly yet concerned tone.
  • Chat Rooms- We all know that all the members of chat rooms are not always genuine but teens do not tend to understand this. Do make them aware of the dangerous that could pop with their one wrong step, but at times, as rightly said by some expert, “Experience is the best teacher”. So let your kids try out the new features and experience the good and bad by themselves. Encountering some bad experiences will make them come back to you and next time when they plan on deciding something, they surely will seek your advice.
  • phones- Cell phones are the latest obsession. Being a multi tasking system, owning one pace every heartbeat; specially the teenager’s. If your teen is a phone addict, do the same with him when the tries to approach you. An ignored feeling will make him understand his mistakes without spoiling your impression.