Excess body weight affects your health in several ways such as increasing blood pressure and sugar. Are you tried to reduce weight through constant exercise and dieting? If you don’t see much success in losing weight, then it’s time to consult a board-certified obesity medicine specialist. Healthcare providers treat patients with obesity and weight loss through effective medical processes. There are professionals best for weight loss management. Read along to learn more about the best doctor for weight loss management. 

Best Doctor for Weight Loss Management

Weight loss reduces the risk of health problems. A general healthcare specialist gives you excellent treatment for weight loss. Continue reading to explore the top bariatric doctors for weight loss. 


A physician specializing in weight loss verifies your health history to analyze your medical condition. They will examine your current medications or medical issues leading to your weight gain. Physicians start your treatment plan based on your complete health condition and family history. 

Bariatric Surgeon 

This physician specializes in the surgical treatment of obesity. They recommend surgery for patients who have weight-related medical problems and a Body Mass Index(BMI) of 35 or greater. Bariatric surgeon helps in improving patient’s health through adequate lifestyle changes. 


An endocrinologist is another best doctor for weight loss management. You can consult them for weight loss or weight gain related to hormonal imbalance. The most common issue addressed by an endocrinologist is metabolism. You can also consult them if you suffer from high cholesterol and diabetes.

General Practioner

If you visit a general practitioner, you can get effective support and advice for your weight management. Several doctors give full support for weight management others focus on exercise and diet. General practitioners guide you on how to deal with weight challenges. If your weight and food issues are emotional, your doctor will refer you to a psychologist or counselor. 

Nutritionists and Dietitians  

A dietitian advises on healthy eating habits and nutrition to improve the overall health of a patient. They check your medical conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, swallowing problems, eating disorders, and more. Apart from these, a dietitian provides nutrition education programs, meal planning, counseling, and medical nutrition therapy. 

Nutritionists inform patients about the health risks of specific foods. They evaluate patient’s nutritional needs and dietary habits. A few of the benefits of seeing nutritionists include behavioral modification therapy, better food choices, weight management, and exercise plans. 

Medical Nutrition Therapy 

This is a treatment for people with specific health conditions. You work with a registered dietitian during the treatment. He/she makes a nutrition plan with special training for you. Moreover, your dietitian checks your eating habits thoroughly during medical nutrition therapy. Most individuals find medical nutrition therapy beneficial for weight loss. You can plan a healthy nutritious diet with the help of your dietitian. 

You can build a positive lifestyle by consulting a weight loss specialist. Look for someone who guides you with weight loss to improve your health and life span. By finding the right one, you can effectively balance your weight.