If your close friend is currently going through a breakup phase, you might be wondering how you can help them. There are lots of mixed emotions that accompany a breakup. Anger, sadness, confusion, regret and loss of self-esteem are just a few of them. They may feel one or all of these. As a friend, you will feel empathy for the person and would wish to support them during this grieving period. However, if you don’t have a clue as to how to help them cope, we will assist you in doing that in the best way possible. We totally understand your situation and that’s the reason we have come up with this blog. 

Ways to comfort a friend after a painful breakup

Although there are several ways to assist your friend in getting over their breakup, the very first task you need to take up is listening to them. You can start by asking them if they are willing to talk about the breakup. However, if they wish to be left alone for some time, respect their privacy. Give them some time to get over the initial shock or sadness they may feel. In the following sections, we have provided some tips for helping a friend cope with a recent breakup. So continue reading and get to know them.

Give them space to vent out

If your close pal wants to vent out their grief or anger, give them space to do it. Give them a shoulder to lean on and pour their feelings out. In some scenarios, they might have been cheated on by their ex. In this case, refrain from talking ill about their ex. Try to get the true version of the breakup from your pal. It would be wise to avoid having assumptions. 

Try engaging them in activities

You can do this a few days or weeks after the breakup if your friend is willing to participate. Take a short walk together, try watching their favourite movie together, or try cooking a meal. It will be good to get your close friend engaged in some fun and rejuvenating activities like yoga, walking or gymming. The “feel good” hormones or “endorphins” secreted during these physical activities will certainly take their mind off things and they will feel motivated to move ahead. These little things will definitely go a long way in helping a friend heal after a devastating breakup.

Be available as much as possible

Try to spend as much time as possible with your pal. Of course, you will have your own priorities and responsibilities, and so, it might not be feasible to always be physically present with them. But you can text or call your friend when you get a break from your work or studies. Check on them daily or alternate days so they will not feel lonely. This is a sure-shot way of assisting a friend in moving on after a difficult breakup.

Navigating a friend’s breakup: Strategies for offering support

There are various phases in the recovery period after a breakup. Initially, there will be anger, denial, and other such stages. But once your friend accepts the situation they are in and is ready to move on, they may still need your support and suggestions. It will normally take six months to two years for a person to recover from a breakup. But depending on the situation, the number of weeks or months can vary.

If your friend has been in a toxic or abusive relationship before the breakup happened, they may take some time to heal physically and emotionally. In such a case, you will have to assure them that it is good for them to be out of such a commitment. Help them boost their self-worth and assure them of their value. You can begin by telling them that it is definitely not the end of the world and they have better days to think about.

The above are a few of the ways to comfort a friend after a painful breakup. 

Obtain professional assistance if necessary

A breakup can be very taxing and can have a severe impact on an individual’s mental health. Topics on mental health are still being looked upon with a certain amount of stigma in some countries. But if your pal goes through a lot of emotional distress after ending a relationship, it is recommended that they seek professional support.

Talk to them and accompany them to a counsellor. If they need therapy, encourage your friend to take it up. These small steps can relieve them from a lot of anguish and help them move on. 

We hope our tips for helping a friend cope with a recent breakup assist you in getting them up and running in no time!