Is your Make- Up Germ Free?

How germy your makeup is?

As per the latest study, it has been found that the cosmetics you use for enhancing your beauty, especially the mascara can probably cause harmful infections because of it being infested by harmful bacteria.

After testing almost 40 mascara samples generally used by real females by two Brazilian University researchers, it was found that the samples were contaminated by staph bacteria by 79%. One of the causes for this contamination is the dark and moist ambiance prevailing in inside of the tube is a perfect proliferation space for these nasty bacteria. This is more evident after the expiry of the product which basically marks to three months. 86% of the women admitted during the research session conducted that they continued using the mascara not willing to dump almost half a tube.

No matter how much ever the throwing of your expired eye enhancers hurt, you should do it right away. Three months old mascara can be risky to your eyes giving you the pink eye concerns and conditions causing inflammation. As per the germs expert and public health assistant professor, the PhD holder, Kelly Reynolds said that the most vulnerable area for infections is the eye.

There are many open pores where the eye lashes pop out in addition to glands and tear ducts. If contacts are being worn then the chances of transmission of fungus on your lenses ca grow. These fungi uses are then transmitted right from the peepers to the wand of mascara and later into the tube where the proliferation of dark and moist environment is evident.

By following steps mentioned below, you can achieve attractive lashes by shielding your mascara from germs

  • Track the Expiry: As per FDA, it is not necessary to print the expiry dates on the make-up. So, tracking it yourself is the best thing to do. Once the mascara tube is opened, put a three month reminder in your smart phone and after the completed period, get rid of it, even if it is not dried.
  • Avoid Sharing Business: Even if it is your BFF, there is no wrong in acting stingy this one time to avoid the nasty infection that she might be carrying through the bacteria on her skin. So stash your mascara into the secret place like your bedroom drawer instead of a bathroom drawer which is less conducive to the growth of the bacteria.
  • Go for Smaller Tubes: It is quite hard to dump a tube still stands by eye look enhancement promises like volumizing, non-clumping and curling. So, buy a travel size tube that finishes faster.
  • Evaluate your Routine: Apply mascara only after you wear lenses. There are chances of your contacts covering up the bacteria that accelerate its growth. So grab your mascara wand only after you put on your contacts.