The very concept of motherhood is all encompassing subject. There would be numerous ways to express emotions about mothers and motherhood, seen from the mothers’ own angle as also from the outside world’s viewpoint. All shades of sentiments like joy, ecstasy, fulfillment, responsibility and many more are simultaneously felt by present and prospective mothers. Women are supposed to carry and emanate softer feelings as compared to their male counterparts. Mothers always have thoughts of their children, even when they are busy with other mundane activities. Since mothers have the additional responsibility of raising children, they are required to be fitted. This becomes a demanding situation when these mothers are spending full working time at their workplace. There are ways and means for corporate moms to stay fit, balancing both, domestic and corporate worlds.

Many successful corporate mothers have shared their experiences for the benefit of others to subject of staying fit. The scenarios may vary in individual cases, but the common thread remains the same. The first question about staying fit is how the time can be spared from a busy schedule. The second inquiry relates around the apprehension of losing energy in workouts. The third query comes in the form of panic as to what can happen to these mothers, if they change or dilute their regimen to stay fit.

A busy corporate woman and a mother and a fit person are not antagonistic terms. They all can easily be rolled into one entity by adhering to some easy tips. One such tip would be to increase ability to locate spare time and utilize it for a fixed purpose. A corporate mother can have opportunities to discover spare time. 15 to 20 minutes of bus travel or rail travel is one such example. Another time slot during lunch break or coffee break would be again a discovery.  Starting the day as early as possible would make the task of finding spare time easier.

A simple workout suitable for the time of the day and necessity would be very rewarding to stay fit, if followed meticulously. Minor changes can be effected with proper guidance from specialists in the field. Mothers need to find out the sort of diet or physical exercise suitable for them. Few variations can be tried to check adequacy.

  1. Body exercises can be done without going for workouts. Simple practices like climbing up or down stairs instead of taking an escalator, or taking a post dinner walk would bring about results. Bike riding, dancing are some other activities, give equally good results.
  2. Learning to have faith in oneself is good enough to win half the impending battle. Corporate mothers can do many wonders by increasing their self confidence.  Assertive mind helps in boosting confidence. Corporate moms can start to have mind concentration techniques adopted to maximize their gains. Concentration of minds can charge the body with positive energy. This positive energy in turn cleanses the mind and body by removing toxins from the body. The cycle keeps repeating whenever mind concentration techniques are adopted.
  3. Yoga therapy is one area corporate mothers can look to. Yoga as a science has numerous ways to have body exercise as also mind exercise. Experienced people in this field have opined that Yoga therapy is suitable for every age group. All that is required is to find a good Yoga teacher. Rest everything follows.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get ready to stay fit while being a busy corporate mom.