Do you think that cleaning house is a gargantuan task? Believe me, it is not such a time-consuming undertaking. Just get organized and you can finish this task within half an hour. Yes, by prioritizing the things and incorporating a few knacks will help you clear the mess quickly.

Here are some tips to clean your house quickly

Get the right tools

You will need a few tools. A vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth, etc. will make your tasks easier. Your focus should be high-rush areas like the living room, kitchen, entryways and bathrooms. Do not forget to include surfaces at eye level as well as light switch plates and door handles. Such areas are like germs harbour because of its extensive use. Keep all the above mentioned tools handy.

Approximate time: 8 minutes

  • Do the dishes. Load and start the dishwasher. (2minutes)
  • Clear your countertops- Remove the clutter from countertops. Place items back in drawers/cabinets. (2 minutes)
  • Wipe down stove, fridge, mixer, dishwater and counter tops with microfiber cloth and all purpose spray. If it has any hard to clean gunk stains, tackle it using eraser sponge. (2 minutes)
  • Clean the floor. Start in a far corner while sweeping your way out. Use a dampened microfiber mop to give the floor a fast once-over. (2 minutes)

Living Room
Approximate time: 8 minutes

  • Clear the mess- Scan the room quickly to find what’s out of place. Put back scattered items like toys, remotes, DVS, magazines, etc. on its place. (2 minutes)
  • Dust- Work top-to bottom first and then back to front. Use vacuum to give a quick hand on curtains. Quickly clean the furniture items, statues, artistic items, etc.using a dampen cloth. (2 minutes)
  • Clean appliances- Using a microfiber cloth, clean your DVD player, TV, etc. Remember, work from one back corner to the front. This will make your task easy.  (2 minutes)
  • Carpet/Floor- Speed-vacuum carpet, floor starting in the farthest corner. (2 minutes)

Approximate time: 6 minutes per bedroom

  • Start with a clean sweep. Empty the wastebasket. Put unnecessary items in closets or drawers. Collect dirty linens to wash and put them in the basket. Fold cleaned cloths and store it in closets. (2 minutes)
  • Clear the mess on the bed. Lift up each corner of the mattress using one hand and tuck properly with the other. This will help you make the bed quickly. (1 minute)
  • Dusting- vacuum the curtains first and then clean the furniture items using a dry microfiber cloth. For wall arts and mirrors, make use of a long-armed duster. (2 minutes)
  • Floor/carpet-Run the vacuum over every strip of carpet/floor once. (1 minute)

Approximate time: 8 minutes

  • Start with the tub, sink, shower and vanity. Use your all-purpose spray and let it sit. (1 minute)
  • For the toilet bowl, use baking soda or disinfectant cleaner. Then give it a thorough scrub using the toilet brush. Don’t forget the toilet tank. (2 minutes)
  • Clean the mess- put back items like shampoos, soaps, body wash, etc. on shelves or in closets. (1 minute)
  • Now, the sink, tub, shower, vanity can be cleaned easily using a dampened cloth. Use the toothbrush to clean spots around the fixtures. Wipe the counter. (3 minutes)
  • Mop the floor quickly beginning in a far corner and ending your way out of the room. (1 minute)

No matter how big or small your home is, you need not to spend a lot of time cleaning it. You just need to plan your mission well. And this will help get your place ready in half an hour.