cats can be injurious

According to some studies, more than 70 million stray and feral cats are roaming the streets. These cats are no doubt carriers of a wide array of dangerous diseases but sometimes even domesticated cats caught these diseases proving that pet cats can be injurious to health for other inhabitants of a home.

Some of the major diseases found in cats are as follows-

Tick, flea and cat bites

The most common problem faced by cat owners from their beloved cats is tick, cat bites and fleas. Though, catching fleas from cats is not a serious issue, it may result in red spots on the skin of the owners which can be quite itchy. If you happen to suffer from such a problem, the best idea is to go for a high end flea product that helps in reliving this problem. Your veterinary doctor can also recommend any such product. Powder and flea collars are also available in the market but they have not been found to be very effective. The cat needs to undergo an extensive treatment for getting rid of fleas and their eggs to solve this problem. A tick is another common problem seen in cats which can result in Lyme disease in human beings. Cat bites can turn out to be a serious problem as it is highly infectious. In case one has been bitten by a cat, he or she should immediately wash the wound with soap and water and immediately visit a doctor lest the wound gets infected or swollen leading to various other troubles. Car scratch fever can also be seen in many people.


This is a microbe which is found spending its life on the skin of the cats. Most of the times, the infection due to this bacteria may prove to be harmless but sometimes it results in severe illnesses. The eggs of the microbes are passed in the cat stools and the microbes take 24 hours before manifesting in an infection. This infection is very rare in human beings occurring due to their pet cats. Pregnant women must stay away from pet cats as they are more susceptible to infection at this stage.


Ringworm is actually a fungus which is quite similar to the one that results in athlete’s foot. Spores of infective seeds are produced that stay in the environment for a long time. The skin of the cats as well as other animals and human beings get infected from this fungus. The major symptoms seen from this infection are irritated skin, red patches, etc.

Intestinal worms

Roundworms are the major cause behind kittens getting affected from intestinal troubles. Sometimes, owners of these cats also get affected from this infection which can also cause eyes damage in some rare cases. Right after handling cats, it is very important to wash hands using hand sanitizer o soap and lukewarm water.

 Thus people who have cats as their beloved pets must be very careful when handling them. It is good to enjoy their company but a distance must be maintained with your little friends so as to avoid getting infected.