5 Care tips for handling your pet

Having a pet is a very exciting thing for the family. But there are certain risks involved if the pets are not handled carefully. The pet can be your best friend and the best playmate for your children. Teach them to handle them the correct way and with extra care. It needs a lot of focus and knowledge about the pet. Visually understand the pet and his habits. You have to keep the pet healthy and happy as the pet is your responsibility. In America, every year approximately 8 to 10 million pets are kept at the Shelter as they are lost, abandoned or are homeless. Certain animal can be very unpredictable, so one has to be very careful when there is a pet at your home.

Here are some basic tips to help you handle the pet carefully:-

Be careful when you approach animals. All of the pets are aware of anything coming towards them. Never approach them suddenly. It is never a good idea and one has to be cautious about it. Some breeds are very unpredictable and can act in an unusual way surprising the owner. The owner or the handler has to get used to the scratches, bites and kicks. Pay complete attention and always stay alert when you handle the pets at your home.

When you handle a pet make sure that your allergies in control and if there are any Zoonotic diseases in the pet. Zoonotic diseases are transferred from the pets to human beings and are spread easily. Do invest some time in research about the pets and the symptoms of the infected animal by any Zoonotic disease. The diseases that are spread through animals are Rabies, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, ringworm, Herpes B and Salmonella.

Pets should be checked by a veterinarian every year. These regular checkups are important to keep the pets healthy. These visits can depend on the type of issues and problems in the pet. Just like human beings, even pets have heart problems and toothache. The pet cannot talk like a human and so he needs doctor visits regularly. The veterinarian should advise on the nutrition and diet of the pet. The weight should be monitored regularly by the vet. Vaccinations, parasite control and other health screenings can be added to the doctor visit. A vaccination depends on the size, age and health of the pet.

In the United States, many pets go through a process of micro-chipping. Micro-chipping is a process where a small chip which is like a small size of a grain is inserted under the skin of the pet for his identification. If the pet is lost, the veterinarian or the animal controller can find the pet by scanning the chip. It needs no battery.

All pets need enriched and a suitable environment. They love to play with toys, go for daily walks, and scratch the posts. These are the ways to keep them healthy and active. By doing these activities, their muscles get toned and they are more bonded with you. Find out everything about the food, habits, diseases, etc. about your pet.

Remember, the pets need lots of love and care.  Above care tips will help you have a friendly and healthy pet.