Foods Dogs should never eat

The wolf descendants have been the man’s best friend since time immemorial. True as much as our dogs love us and are loyal to us we share the same if not more instincts for our furry friends.

As they are a part of our family and more in line with a small kid at home we tend to be generous in feeding or presenting even if we pass it as tasting every bit of food that goes in our mouth on our kitchen shelves or in the fridge to our pet dogs. Well some tit bits are ok but we sincerely have to take it in concern what we are feeding to our pets who can’t speak for themselves as it’s our responsibility.

A basic checklist should be always in our minds about the kind of foods that our dogs shouldn’t be fed.


The number one and the most often fed food article is chocolate

And the rule is opposite for our furry friends i.e. the darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is for them. As it contains Caffeine & the obromine, which falls under the chemical category of methylxanthines it is harmful for pets. So any amount of coffee, chocolate cakes or brownies or cocoa powder or even hot chocolate in milk isn’t a suitable diet for our dogs. And yes the symptoms which occurs in our children from too much sweets can be seen as restlessness and dehydration etc. in our pets so immediate doctor care is required if the dog shows heightened symptoms of these.

Sugar Free

Calorie Sweeteners or any foods containing them are equally bad for our dogs. The sugar free sweeteners digestion is different in humans and animals and the dog can develop spasms which can be soon or delayed and if they had a large amount of intake of the sweetener it is fatal for the liver.

Dry fruits

All Dry fruits are not suitable for our dogs especially Macadamia nuts they could cause allergy and pain in dog’s legs and might cause a fever so they should be avoided. Also raisins are associated with kidney problems in dogs so any form of grapes should be avoided for them.

Onions and Garlic

In vegetables the rule is never to feed them onions, garlic etc. as dogs are unlikely to eat them because of strong pungent smell but if they eat it in some form cooked or uncooked is unfavorable to them. It can cause severe damage to their RBC’s and cause urinary infections and discomfort.


Alcohol is a big no to our pets and dogs as it causes much higher levels of intoxication in dogs than in humans. Large quantities could cause disorientation; coma or even death so should be strictly avoided in any form for their safety.


Any substance or fruit containing persin is harmful for animals and dogs and Avocado is a fruit which is harmful for dogs as it can have same effects as alcohol does to them.