Home organization tips

You are reading this article means you are tired of clutter. You are not the only disorganized person in your neighborhood, almost each family has its struggles with clutter. No matter whether it is our home, car or purse- there is lots of stuff everywhere. Our garages, attics, closets, cabinets, cupboards and basements are just bursting at the seams. If the idea of becoming organized seems hopeless just because there is just no place to go, then remember, lack of storage space is not your problem. Too much stuff is the real problem. A research shows that we don’t wear 20% of the clothes we own, we only use 80% of the stuff we keep. Further, almost 1/4th of adults say that they pay bills late as they lost them. One of the simplest ways to improve your home is by getting and keeping it organized.

 If you can’t get needed things at the right time, have stacks of papers, here are some tips to help you organize your home!

  • A bit of cleaning everyday – Schedule

Clearing up the entire mess from top to bottom in one day can be daunting. No one wants to spend the entire day with a mop in hand. You can decide the time to spend every day for cleaning and organizing activity every day. Strictly use the scheduled time to organize home. Do things you can fit into that time. Create a checklist of things to do. Include everything from mopping to laundry and cleaning bathroom to the kitchen and organizing every cabinet in your garage. You can divide activities for a week and then allot a specific day and time to every item. Stick the list from where it is clearly visible like your fridge or near the dining table.

  • Cleaning- Make it fun

Cleaning is not at all an enjoyable activity for many of us. However, by adding a bit more playfulness into the process, you can keep boredom at bay. If you are cleaning up the floor, put on your favorite tunes and it will surely motivate you to move. Is there a rule not to dance around the house while you clean it! If you are organizing your cupboard, then enjoy a cheesy movie to help pass the time. You can also involve your kids and make this boring thing a game.  In this way you can add fun to cleaning and organizing.

  • Donate or have a garage sale

If you want to stay organized, then an easiest way is to stop the flow. Always do a purge and get rid of things as much as you can. Only keep the things that are useful right away. No matter how much they cost or who gave them to you, sort the things and donate them or organize a garage sale. Involve your kids in this, they will surely enjoy it and learn things from it as well. Remember, if you have fewer things, it will be easier to keep your space looking great.


  • Don’t let things like toys, remote controls, books, magazines to pile up.
  • Make everyone in the family to put back anything he or she takes out.
  • Try to clear up the space on the floor. Add shelves and hooks if you need to.
  • Place important things like your cell phone, purse, keys, briefcase, etc. in a designated area so that you can get it easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Just promise yourself a clutter-free life which is surely worth the effort.