15 delicious chicken dishes

Chicken is a popular non vegetarian option that is relished by non vegetarians all over the world. A lot of experimentation can be done with chicken.

15 Delicious chicken dishes that are loved by people are as follows

  1. Guacamole Tostadas with chicken-In this recipe, precooked chicken is used and is tossed using smoked paprika. This is a perfect dish which can be cooked using a grill hence it is a perfectly healthy dish.
  2. Rosemary and Walnut fried chicken-Fried chicken can taste all the more crispy by adding walnut and a dash of rosemary to the dish. This dish comes packed with almost 300 calories and offers 5 star taste.
  3. Cider Glazed chicken-Chicken which is glazed is quite quick and easy to make and its taste increases manifold when it is eaten along with browned pecan rice. Butter is browned when cooking rice making it all the more delicious.
  4. Chicken Casserole-This is a Mexican dish which is quite good to taste and comes with an authentic Mexican flavour. This dish is served in Mexican restaurants and is a little time consuming.
  5. Honey brushed, spicy chicken thighs-As the name suggests, this recipe comes with a dash of honey that makes it unique tasting. Boneless and skinless things are good to taste. Using a brush, honey is brushed on the boneless chicken.
  6. Chicken parmesan with herbs-This is one of the most popular chicken recipes and is loved all over the world. A wide array of exotic herbs is used to make this dish more delectable.
  7. Chicken Enchiladas with cheese-Cheesy and creamy topping instead of enchiladas sauce adds a distinct flavour to this chicken dish. This dish is a perfect addition to a honey meal that can be enjoyed along with the family members.
  8. Roast chicken with bell peppers-This recipe comes with an Italian flavour. Yellow and red bell peppers can be used to add subtle flavour to the dish. Bell papers in different colors make this dish look mouth watering and quite presentable.
  9. Lemony Chicken-As the name suggests, a dash of lime is added to this dish making it taste amazing. This is a light dish and is served on special occasions.
  10. Chicken with wild rice and almonds-Fig vinegar is used in this dish making it taste excellent. It can be served with rice. The dressing used for this dish and adding of almonds makes this dish truly spectacular.
  11. Chicken curry with sweet potato-Adding sweet potato to this chicken curry dish adds a sweet flavour which is quite appealing to the taste buds of many chicken lovers. Addition of pepper and coriander add subtle flavour to this dish.
  12. Chicken Corn Chowder-This dish can be prepared in a very short time and is simply divine to taste. It just takes half an hour to cook this dish.
  13. Chicken Taco Salad-This salad becomes all the more healthy and nutritious with chicken pieces added to it. This dish can be served with a mango and watermelon salad.
  14. Kung Pao chicken-This is a spicy chicken flavour which is readied in the matter of minutes. It comes with authentic flavour. Spicy sauces and dressings make this dish simply divine in taste.
  15. Chicken Penne-A variety of ingredients like cheese, spinach etc is added to this dish, making it all the tasty and mouth watering. A variety of cheese options are used for preparing this dish