smelling  flowers

It is said by Luther Burbank that flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. Flowers are the most attractive thing created by nature. There are some lovely smelling flowers in the world.

Below are some details of some pleasant flowers

  • Rose – The most trendy and famous flower is the rose, which belongs to the native Asia, North America and Europe. Rose comes in 100 types of species and a wide range of colors like yellow, red, pink and white. Roses are used for decoration purposes for wedding ceremonies, functions and traditional rituals. They are also gifted. Roses are also used for making fragrances and perfumes. Rose is also used for making body creams, its petals are used for rose water, making soaps, syrups, etc.  Roses are found in every garden, as it is the smells sweet. In Egypt rose is a sacred flower and is used for making tombs and wreaths.
  • Frangipani – this is found in Caribbean islands, South America and Mexico and is a tropical flower. Frangipani is known as Hawaiian Lei flower and is also the national flower of Nicaragua. It produces enjoyable aroma.
  • Wisteria – Wisteria is a violet flower found in China, Japan, Korea and the  United States and comes in different colors like white, pink, purple and looks like grape clusters in shape. Spring is the flourishing period of the flower Wisteria and it grows to a height of 20 meters and is spread across 10 meters.
  • Sweet Alyssum – Sweet Alyssum emerges in yellow and white colors and is very tiny in shape. It has a pleasant smell and flourishes during spring season. The flower is used to make flower bouquets and can be grown in uneven soil.
  • Sweet Pea – This flower blooms in 2.4 inches size wide and found in the Mediterranean region. Sweet Pea smells strongly and seductively and blooms every year during spring and winter season. It can be located in many gardens and due to its sweet smell, it is in demand while making bouquets and decorations.
  • hocolate Cosmos – this flower bloom during night time and flourishes in warm climate. It produces maximum fragrance during summer season due to the heat. Chocolate Cosmos exterior is reddish brown in color like a chocolate and even smells like a chocolate. This flower is found in Mexico, rather all species of this flower are found in Mexican region.
  • Gardenia – this flower is found in Africa, South Asia and Australia and it is a member of the coffee family. Gardenia has been given the name of Scottish botanist the Alexander Garden. For wedding rituals this flower is extensively used as it is beautiful and full with aroma. It is also used as herb in many parts of the world and also used for making cologne, body spray and body mist.
  • Jasmine – this flower is used for aromatherapy and mainly in ceremonies. Dried leaves of Jasmine are also used for making tea in gulf countries. It flourishes in spring and summer and its shiny leaves are mainly used for making scent. Jasmine aroma spreads mainly in the night.
  • Lily of the Valley – In the northern hemisphere of Asia lily of the valley is found. The shape of the flower is like a bell and it comes in white color, the flower belongs to the lily family. This flower contains toxic elements but some remedial essentials are also found in this flower. Lily of Valley is used as an herb to cure fever.