Nail polish is a girl’s best friend!! Am I right? It can be used for much more than just painting your nails. You can find several uses of them right in your home. So, here are some of the fun and unusual uses. Let’s explore!!

Uses of Nail Polish

1. Seal Envelopes

Seal Envelopes

If your envelopes refuse to remain sealed after using glue and other pasting gums, you must simply spread a little transparent nail polish on the edges to hold the envelope close. 

2. Protect You From Splinters

If your furniture is getting old or losing its polish, then it starts to splinter. These splinters can snag your outfits or even cut your skin. To prevent this from happening, apply a few coats of transparent nail polish and you’ll soon have smooth edges on all your furniture and it will be safe to stay. 

3. Color Code-Objects 

If you want to differentiate the objects that look similar, the best way is to color code them using different shades of nail polish. So that you can identify the objects easily. 

4. Threading a Needle

Threading a Needle

If you’re having a problem threading a needle just because the thread doesn’t hold on, better apply a coat of nail polish to the end of the thread. Now, you can see how it goes through the needle perfectly!

5. Protection from Jewelry Tinge

Jewelry Tinge

Have you ever noticed a weird greenish tinge on your skin by wearing artificial jewelry? It’s because, when air hits the metal, the metal will oxidize and change its color. So if you don’t want your skin to erupt in reaction to artificial jewelry, then apply a few coats of nail paint to protect your skin from the tinges. 

6. Hide the Scuffs in Your Shoes

Is your pair of shoes covered with scuffs? No worries girls!! Better apply a few coats of brown, black, or transparent color nail polish and allow them to dry and now you’re good to go. 

7. Keeps Thread From Unraveling

If your outfit has suddenly lost thread or your laces have started unraveling, don’t worry!! Simply apply a few coats of polish on them, it helps the clothes from unraveling. 

8. Hold Loose Screws 

Hold Loose Screws

If you feel that a screw is loose on any item, or you want the screw or bold to stay on the item, just apply a few nail polish coats to hold them in place. 

9. Prevent Pearl Buttons From Peeling

Prevent Pearl Buttons From Peeling

Pearls are such prettiest accessories, they bring a touch of luxury to any outfit. But if the pearl layer peels often, you can apply transparent nail polish on the pearls to protect them from peeling. It also gives a glowy finish to the pearls. 

10. Smudge-Proof Labels

One of the best things about nail polish is, it has waterproof properties. Apply a quick coat to labels or DIY food labels to prevent ink from running, or food getting mixed up. 

Hope this blog helps you know more about the fun and unusual uses of nail polish.