10 Pumpkin decorating ideas for toddlers

Halloween is the time when families get together and do fun activities, one of these activities being pumpkin decorating. Toddlers cannot carve a pumpkin so it becomes essential to find some other alternative way to allow them to decorate their pumpkins.

Here is a list of pumpkin decoration activities that I have put together.

1. Washi tape

Washi tape is now commonly used to decorate Easter eggs and Pumpkins. Simply allow your toddler to stick this tape in any way she pleases.

Zigzag lines, with no particular patter can make a pumpkin look great. Just hand out the washi tape and see how creative your little ones can get.

2. Finger painting

There no better activities than finger painting that toddlers love to decorate a pumpkin. Just wrap then in aprons and then allow them to paint the pumpkin with their fingers.

3. Stamp

There are a lot of stamps available in the market. Simply dip them in an ink pad and they’re ready to be stamped all over the pumpkin.

4. Funny cut outs

It can be interesting to cut out funny shapes like mustaches, butterflies or even facial features. Simply draw on the desired cut outs on a thick cardboard sheet and allow them to cut it out and paste on the pumpkin.

5. Glue on embellishments

This decorating idea will be loved by all the little girls. Simply buy a few varieties of beads, glitter, stones, buttons, ribbons and other embellishments and let them stick it on the pumpkin.

Your pumpkin is sure to look festive with all the embellishments.

6. Stenciling

Buy a stencil and assist your toddler to fill in the gaps in the stencil to form various designs and patterns.

Simply tape the stencil on the pumpkin and ask your child to fill in and then peel off to reveal the design.

7. Candy

What can be more apt that asking your toddler to stick on candy on the pumpkin during Halloween.

It can be the best way to get rid of all that candy that your kid has collected and not having them land in your child’s tummy.

8. String

Give your children different colored strings and see how they spin then all over the pumpkin and create an interesting design or pattern.

9. Leaves

You can choose to let your kids stick on leaves on their pumpkins, either regular green ones or the orange autumn ones.

But remember if you are using the autumn orange leaves, don’t forget to paint the pumpkin a different shade so that the color of the leaves don’t blend in with the color of the pumpkin.

10. Dress-up

Kids love everything about being mysterious and play-acting. It will have them in peals to stick on wool for hair, hats and even cob as noses.

You can even have a competition to see who has decorated their pumpkin pace the best.

So keep your toddlers also busy in pumpkin decorating season with these no carve pumpkin options.