Eggs have a lot of health benefits like boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease, improving skin and hair, and improving bone health. Well, these are all common knowledge benefits of eating eggs.

However, few people know about the health benefits of eggshells.

We normally throw away the shell, but eggshells contain a high amount of absorbable calcium and provide essential nutrition.  Apart from these health benefits they can also be used in our garden and in our beauty regime as well.

The next time you eat eggs, you will never throw away eggshells. Here’s why.

Act as Calcium Supplement

Eggshells are composed of 95% of calcium carbonate; therefore it can act as great calcium supplement to the human body. Adding Half of one eggshell to your diet provides 1,000 mg of calcium which is enough to meet the daily requirements for adults.

Relieve Pain & Inflammation in Joints

Eggshells are composed of keratin, collagen, glucosamine, and several other compounds, which are known to offer relief from painful-joint and connective-tissue disorders like arthritis.

Now you may wonder how to prepare the eggshells for consumption.

Here’s how,

  • Rinse out cracked eggshells and put them in boiling water for about 5 minutes to remove any bacteria
  • Set them out to dry completely.
  • Once dry and brittle, grind them to a fine powder and remove larger fragments by sifting.
  • Store your eggshell powder in a container with a good lid.

Get Glowing Face

Adding powdered Eggshells with Egg white to use as a face mask will make your face glow.

Use as Compost

Adding eggshells to your compost pile will provide good calcium carbonate to your soil or garden. Crushed Eggshells around crop root, will provide calcium carbonate to your plants as well.

Pest Control

Adding crushed Eggshells to your garden or flower plants will avoid the pest like slugs, snails, and cutworms.

Make Own seedlings

Eggshells can be used for germination of your seeds. You can plant it directly in the ground.

Treat for Skin Irritations

Mix one eggshell with Apple cider vinegar for a few days, use it for minor skin irritations or itchy skin.

Use as Decorative Things

Remove the yolk and whites of egg with a small hole and paint on it creatively for decoration.