4 Surprising Unusual Uses of Salt in the Kitchen

Salt is usually used to season our food. But here are some weird but useful uses of salt in the kitchen.

  1. Peel eggs-Add a teaspoon of salt to the boiling water in the pan in which the eggs are being cooked. You’ll be surprised to find that the salt causes the egg shells to break in bigger chunks rather than breaking off into a million pieces.
  2. Preserve color of green vegetables-Have you often wondered how some people manage to cook their spinach and still retain the fresh green color? The trick behind that is salt. Salt preserves the chlorophyll in the green vegetables even when its being cooked.
  3. Preserve milk-Add a pinch of salt to your milk packet or carton to make it last longer than usual.
  4. Sear for low fat steak-You want to make a steak, but you also want it fat free and we don’t know how to replace the oil that prevents it from sticking to the pan or skillet.Don’t worry. Instead of using oil, spread coarse crystal salt to the steak and put it on the hot pan. The salt prevents the steak from sticking to the pan and you also get a steak free of oily fat.

Try these unusual uses of salt for yourself.